5 things you need to know in local dining this week

Every Wednesday only, l'Etoile du Nord does dinners.

Every Wednesday only, l'Etoile du Nord does dinners.

Ordinarily speaking, having a guy from the restaurant talk at you when you're trying to have a decent meal with somebody you like is like the postmaster telling you about her bunions when all you want to do is break into your new Time Life Quiet Storm collection and go upstairs to get your groove on. Annoying.

But this is a worthy endeavor: Handmade hollandaise plus perfect poachers are two kitchen maneuvers that, when mastered, will make your Quiet Storm CDs moot. You won't need them to woo any potential suitor anymore. The MOA Radisson Blu Firelake, with its "Experiental Dining" series, wants to show you just this. During "Art of the Brunch," the chef's going to show you the above, plus morning time cocktail options to make at home. Then, eat it and drink it all. There's a catch — a group of 20 is required to reserve this ticket, to take place in a private banquet space (or in the restaurant, if you prefer.) So grab the wedding shower, or the bachelor party, or just your friends if you're that popular. $75 per person. Read about other experiential dining themes here. For more details or to make a reservation: 952-851-4047 or [email protected]

Got a hockey-loving dad who won't go out to eat unless there's a coupon involved? Nanne's might get him to splurge a little. Hockey Legend Lou Nanne is putting his name on a new Edina steakhouse concept in partnership with restaurateur Michael McDermott, who is known for other concept restaurants Rojo Mexican Grill, Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill, and Shag Sushi. They're promising "world class, dry-aged beef" and "on-trend" items like chopped salads, sustainable seafood, and hand-pattied burgers. Nanne's will shoot, and possibly score, at 7651 France Ave. S. by early next year.

Not content to just gaze upon Andrew Zimmern as he hoovers half the known animal kingdom? Want to have more of a meta experience? Then you're in luck, because the man is launching his own line of meats, known simply as "World's Best Meats," to be made available, appropriately, on shopping channel Evine Live beginning on September 8. The Mpls./St. Paul Business Journal reports that the line will include meats like Merguez, a North African sausage, and Tomahawk pork chops, which include both the pig's rib and a slice of the loin, products that can be difficult to find in the grocery store, but easy to find on the TV. 

In the continuing gentrification of St. Paul's East Side, Mississippi Market Coop is now open on East Seventh Street. The store includes a full-service meat counter, a cheese island, a full-service deli with pizza bar, and local, organic food "at fair prices."

740 E. Seventh St, St. Paul

651-771-5061 Now open.

If you haven't made the trek out to Bayport's L'Etoile du Nord yet for Liege Waffles, on-site roasted coffee, and wood-fired pizza, you're missing out on a true state gem. Currently they're only open by day, but every Wednesday night, they do a "pop up" dinner, where the kitchen rolls out great Belgian beers (ownership is straight from the motherland), wonderful pizzas, and whatever else they're inspired by at this true farm-to-table restaurant.

5 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

320 Fifth Ave. N., Bayport