5 things to know about the new Corner Table concept

The celery root pavé with impossibly fine layers and a mushroom soubise.

The celery root pavé with impossibly fine layers and a mushroom soubise. Hannah Sayle

If you've been humming along as long as Corner Table has, you know when to infuse a little freshness into the old formula.

Corner Table was founded by Scott Pampuch in 2004 as one of the trailblazers in farm-to-table cuisine in the Twin Cities, and passed along to Nick Rancone and Thomas Boemer (also of Revival) in 2011. From chef changes to location changes, this beloved neighborhood restaurant in south Minneapolis has mastered the art of evolution.

Did you think they'd finally settle in and wait for the regulars to die off before shuttering for good? No way. Corner Table's got a brand new bag. 

5. There's a new chef behind the burners, and it's a woman.

Karyn Tomlinson, formerly an award-winning pastry chef at Borough in the North Loop, is the small but mighty powerhouse driving the new Corner Table concept. She's fresh off a stint working in Sweden, so she's bringing that modern Scandinavian touch to the menu, and her skill with pastry (read: impossibly precise attention to detail) shines in the celery root pavé, a millefeuille stack of thinly sliced vegetables with mushroom soubise. You will not believe it's a vegetarian dish.

4. Popovers

Your meal will start with a plate of fresh popovers and buckwheat molasses butter. You will eat them, and you will think, "Why does any meal begin without fresh popovers?" You will start to ponder this, but then be distracted by the second popover, which has somehow found its way into your paw. You'll repeat this until the first course arrives. 

3. The menu is a prix-fixe situation.

Joining the ranks of other stellar fixed price concepts in the Twin Cities (Travail and Tenant, to name two), Corner Table has rolled out a fall menu with three courses for $45 per person. (Click here to get a look at what's on the menu to start.) There are four options in each course, so you won't feel hemmed in, and in any case, owner Nick Rancone was very quick to reassure us that...

2. Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten-free? Meat-hound? They can accomodate you.

The bread course can be swapped out for arancini. The vegetarian dishes are only one or two ingredients (if that) away from being vegan. Nut allergy? Just let them know. It's a full-service kind of place.

1. You can go buck wild and order a chef's choice dinner.

The tastefully named "feed the sh*t out of me & make it nice" is a chef's choice meal that requires full table participation and costs $145 per peron or $215 per guest with wine pairings. It's steep. But if you want to save your pennies for an ultra-special evening, we have no doubt you'll be fat and happy when you leave.

Corner Table
4537 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis