5 things to know about Sweet Science, St. Paul’s new lakeside scoop shop

Something new to combat these 90-degree, stupidly humid days.

Something new to combat these 90-degree, stupidly humid days. Sweet Science

We’ve been fans of Sweet Science since founder and chef Ashlee Olds first put her actual food science background to the tastiest possible use, crafting intensely flavored frozen treats made with real, fresh ingredients.

We’ve also been waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for her to have a scoop shop of her own, ever since the news that she was headed to St. Paul’s Keg and Case Market.

Finally, with Keg and Case almost ready to go, there’s more good news: Sweet Science scooped itself, opening another location on Como Lake late last month. “I kind of tried to keep it a secret,” says Olds, ever the rascal.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new shop, plus what’s in store for Sweet Science’s second outpost.

5. Teamwork makes the ice cream work.

Retail location number one is nestled beneath Spring Cafe, the new year-round restaurant from owner Matty O’Reilly (Republic, Bar Brigade, Red River Kitchen, etc.). He was hooked during a Sweet Science tasting at Red River Kitchen, telling Olds of his then-in-the-works Como Lake project: “This building is way too big.” So he invited her to the ground-level space, where she quietly threw the windows open the Thursday before Memorial Day.

4. Community is why she’s in this game.

Olds started Sweet Science because she just straight-up loved ice cream. (“As a kid, for parties, I would say, ‘No on the cake, twice the ice cream.’”) But, surprising even herself, that’s not the sweetest thing about her dairy gig: “It’s creating this product that facilitates a shared, joyous experience around it. A community. It brings people together in the most joyous way. It’s so innocent and joyful and wonderful, and that’s so meaningful for me.” Bottling that feeling at a retail location rather than a pop-up was always one of her goals.

3. You can down your lakeside sweets guilt-free.

“I’m a huge believer in: Leave something better than you found it,” Olds says. Cups and spoons here are compostable; samples are served on metal spoons. “Everything’s as sustainable as we can make it.”

2. Get there early and often. 

Sweet Science on Como is a seasonal shop, and will stay open roughly Memorial Day through Labor Day (weather permitting). Of the ten daily flavors, eight are signature staples, but two will switch out on the first Friday of every month. (As of June 8, those are strawberry mascarpone and basil.) In the off-season, the plan is for the restaurant to continue carrying the ice cream.

1. There’s more sweet, Sweet Science on the way.

Don’t worry your dessert-loving heart, because the Keg and Case location is still in the works, just five miles down the road in St. Paul. (Sincere apologies, Minneapolis.) Olds sees Como as something of a stepping stone, a trial run before opening a much bigger location that’ll have closer to 20 flavors, plus pints, which aren’t available on the lake. And she knows you’ve been hungering for it. “It’s a historic project, and it’s taken a little longer than expected. It’ll be worth the wait. It’s gorgeous.”

Sweet Science Ice Cream
1360 Lexington Pkwy. N., St. Paul