5 things to know about Crepe and Spoon

It's not just for vegans!

It's not just for vegans! Theresa J. Beckhusen

“There’s a different way to look at food,” says Rachel Booth, owner of Nordeast’s new Crepe and Spoon.

Booth was inspired to open a (mostly) dairy-free ice cream shop in part because her partner is lactose-intolerant. She also knows other people who can’t or don’t want to consume dairy and thought they deserved choices in their milk-free treats.

More than that, Booth is interested in expanding palates and decreasing consumption of animal products. While she admits she wasn’t trained in ice cream, she’s spent a long time in the food industry, and she’s relying on her bartending experience when it comes to showcasing the flavors of her ice cream. “I wanted ice cream that tasted like the flavors, not just dairy fat,” she says.

Here’s a little more on Crepe and Spoon ahead of its opening next week.

5. Crepe and Spoon doesn’t just serve non-dairy ice cream.

The current menu boasts 12 flavors, two of which do contain dairy. The blueberry goat cheese is a perfect juxtaposition of tangy goat cheese flavor and small, tart berries that pop on your tongue.

4. You’re going to want to try all the flavors.

The pumpkin ice cream is boldly spiced and perfectly autumnal. The chocolate rye? Deep and dark and rich -- pretty much everything you want in a chocolatey frozen dessert. (Another guest at a November 16 preview remarked, “I can’t tell the difference between the dairy and non-dairy ice creams.” She was right.) The textures of both were in sync, and you didn’t taste any background flavors of almond or coconut, even though those milks serve as the basis for the dairy-free ice creams.

3. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this ice cream.

Maybe this goes without saying, but if food is tasty, you want to eat it. Skeptics should see the above, and then consider that cows are some of the largest producers of greenhouse gases on the planet. “I want people to realize they can take the animal out of the treat,” Booth explains. By decreasing our reliance on animal products, we can, ideally, begin to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases added to the atmosphere.

2. Don’t sleep on the crepes.

Yes, the ice cream is delicious, and we all love our treats, but the crepes -- both savory and sweet -- are worth the trip on their own. Using meats from nearby Herbivorous Butcher, the crepes are weighty affairs, the crepes themselves crisp at the edges, the whole beautiful package served piping hot. The bacon and arugula combines vegan bacon and sautéed mushrooms with lemon-dressed lettuce; the mushrooms adding bulk to the vegan bacon, whose smoky flavor is a fair take on the real pork product. If you’re planning on crepes and ice cream, you might want to bring a friend: The crepes will fill you up.

1. Crepe and Spoon opens to the public on November 20.

Ready for some maple nut dairy-free ice cream? Or a banana and cocoa spread crepe? Head to the shop on November 20 to satisfy your craving. “There will be a vegan meat raffle,” Booth says. After all, “I live in Nordeast!”

Crepe and Spoon
339 22nd Ave. NE, Minneapolis; 763-205-0978