5 sexiest ways to eat eggs for dinner

N'duja sausage and eggs play like a cheeky breakfast.

N'duja sausage and eggs play like a cheeky breakfast.

You know by now not to consign eggs, arguably nature’s perfect food, to the breakfast table. Here's a bit of inspiration for inviting the venerable egg to dinner.

5. Benny Buns from Moto-i

Think eggs Benedict is the bailiwick of brunch? Moto-i will disabuse you of that folly. Your favorite hangover slayer gets a Japanese twist: a Panko-crusted poached egg, candied miso bacon, scallion, and miso bearnaise snuggled in a soft steamed bun. And it's served for lunch, dinner, and late-night snacking, so you don't have to wait until weekend brunch to get a pair of these salty, creamy, smoky buns.


2940 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis

Just a little protein is all you need when it comes to handmade pasta.

Just a little protein is all you need when it comes to handmade pasta.


4. Ricotta gnocchi with duck egg at Heirloom

Once you go duck egg, you never go back. The equivalent of a chicken egg doubled in both size and richness, the duck egg is well known for its power to convert.

At Heirloom, ricotta gnocchi wears a soft-cooked duck egg like a floppy ladies' hat. Cooked to such tender precision, this perfect yolk almost looks cartoonish. But the result is seriously delectable: sausage-encrusted gnocchi playing against creamy egg yolk in a cheeky but inspired breakfast — for dinner.


2186 Marshall Ave., St. Paul


3. Bucatini with ’nduja and egg yolk at Scena

Scena’s pasta section is as gratifying as any in town, with a half dozen unique iterations you’re not likely to encounter elsewhere. But our favorite is the most straightforward, the best way to truly taste the power of handmade pasta.

An al dente noodle can be as meaty as anything, and one of life’s most essential eating pleasures. Add to that 'nduja, a spicy, spreadable pork sausage having a serious moment in kitchens around the Twin Cities. Finally, the crown jewel: a petite cap of yolk that’s been all but lasered away from its white provides creamy richness, turning this plate of pasta into a wonder to behold.

Scena Tavern

Ramen Kazama: soup that makes you happy.

Ramen Kazama: soup that makes you happy.

2943 Girard Ave. S., Minneapolis


2. Bi Bim Bap at Cook St. Paul

Korean fusion is what’s for dinner at Cook St. Paul. This stealthy little diner serves up classic American hash browns alongside yellow bean pancakes and Korean hot sauce.

The Bi Bim Bap, a Korean dish of rice, heavily seasoned vegetables, meat, and kimchee, gets its charisma from the egg. It's poached so lightly it quivers, so perfect you'll almost feel sad piercing it to let loose the yolk. If you’re ready and willing to eat eggs midday, the Bi Bim Bap is available at Cook every day for lunch.

Cook St. Paul

Bi bim bap gets its sexy from the egg.

Bi bim bap gets its sexy from the egg.

1124 Payne Ave., St. Paul


1. Ramen at Ramen Kazama

The long-simmering bone broth at Ramen Kazama is a when-it's-gone-it's gone affair. This is slow food that offers up no substitutes. Buttery pork belly nudges against best-in-show imported noodles. These alone are enough to inspire dogged lines, daily. But don’t forget that hard/soft egg, cheerfully peeking up from the bottom of the bowl. Like the malted milk ball at the bottom of the cone, it’s a treat within a treat.

Ramen Kazama

3400 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis