5 post-Election Day comfort foods because you need them today

Draft Horse's pot pies are about all we can deal with right now.

Draft Horse's pot pies are about all we can deal with right now. Lucy Hawthorne

Regardless of where you are in America right now, your nerves are probably jangled. Don't you just want to put your head under the covers and stay there awhile? Do the edible equivalent and comfort eat, instead. It’s tastier than the duvet, anyway.

Pot pies from the Draft Horse

The food equivalent of an electric sleeping bag, a pot pie brings all contentment, no surprises. Which is just what we all need right now, isn’t it? The ones from Draft Horse are made with good meat from local farms and a pastry that could stand up to the finest French croissants. It practically flakes away on sight, revealing the good stuff suspended in lustrous gravy. Gravy, pastry, and meats are all we should be expected to deal with right now, and the Draft Horse obliges, beautifully (see for yourself here). 

117 14th Ave. NE, Minneapolis

Chicken Pho from Ngon Bistro

For the lucky Minnesotan, pho may have already supplanted chicken noodle soup as a go-to comfort bowl. Pho of course has all that’s great about the old classic, plus plenty of spice-cabinet aroma, jalapeno, and Sriracha, which slowly yet surely smolder away your ailments and woes. The version at Ngon is made even better with heaps of organic crispy skin-on chicken.

799 University Ave., St. Paul 

Big Ass Burritos from El Nuevo Mariachi

A wet burrito that must be approached with knife and fork is a surefire, quick ride to happy town. For the 15 minutes or so it will take you to tackle the project of rice, beans, meat, and hot sauce, few other nagging thoughts will vex you. Hunger and worries thusly quieted for under $10 at El Nuevo Mariachi, you can leave your concerns behind, right along with a crumpled napkin and a cleaned plate.

2750 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis

Monte Cristo from Curran’s Family Restaurant

Sweet meets savory in this ultimate flip-flopper’s sandwich. The Monte Cristo means you needn’t choose. This increasingly difficult to find classic is done at south Minneapolis institution Curran’s with straightforward tact. A ham, turkey, and Swiss sandwich that’s held together with French Toast really needs no other flourishes, aside from the wee paper pot of strawberry cream cheese that rides along like a cheerful sidecar.

4201 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis

French Madame 75 from Herbie’s on the Park

Old faithful. When in doubt, drink. Whatever you were wishing for yesterday, the fact is that fully half (or so) of the country is drowning sorrows today. May we suggest you at least do it in style? The new Herbie’s on the Park is no ordinary sports bar, but instead the ornate, oak-paneled resurrection of the Minnesota Club, where rich fogies once chewed stogies but now anyone can enter. Gaze upon the grand fireplace and sip a French Madame 75, one part Prairie organic gin, one part lemon, and one part sparkling wine, to celebrate democracy -- and how it sometimes drives us to drink.

317 Washington St., St. Paul