5 places to celebrate National Sangria Day

Happy National Sangria Day! Yes, the beverage usually slurped down on sunny patios during the humid summer months celebrates its national holiday today, in the dead of winter. But there's no reason this typically summery summer drink can't be enjoyed year-round. Take this national recognition as an excuse to get out and enjoy a glass (perhaps not on a patio just yet) at one of our favorite spots for sangria, served all year.

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Café Ena Their single homemade variety is served by glass or carafe, which easily serves 4. The recipe is a combination of both red and white in equal parts, lime juice, sugar, apples, and oranges. At Café Ena, it's all about the drink -- small fruit chunks don't overwhelm and take up space, and the ingredients balance to give both a tart and sweet taste.

Rosa Mexicano If you're looking for a unique sangria, search no further. The Sangria Organica is made with organic cucumber vodka, organic chardonnay, fresh pineapple, and lime juices and comes garnished with pineapple, cucumber, and apple. While it's refreshing and light, be warned: It carries a bite. Rosa Mexicano also makes a red or white sangria mixed with apricot brandy, orange juice, triple sec, and Sprite.

Masa All four Masa sangrias -- two reds and two whites -- are made in house. If you're in the mood for a heavier variety, go for the Sangria Otono. It's made with malbec, brandy, orange juice, St. Germain, and cider spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. If you're leaning toward a white (and maybe feeling daring) try the Sangria Blanca. Tequila takes the place of brandy and the sangria is steeped in raspberries.

Solera Possibly the best-known sangria spot in the cities, Solera boasts seven variations. The Solera signature is the priciest, but easily the most popular -- it's topped with Coke, green apples, and orange. Another popular option -- the Sidra, is a sweet and flowery white made with St. Germain and sugar.

Barrio One of our favorite spots on Nicollet is also home to one of our favorite sangrias. As easy as Barrio's sangria is to drink, it's not unlikely to be three glasses down before your food order is in. It's light, sweet, refreshing, a tad fizzy, loaded with fresh fruit to munch on, and so versatile it pairs with almost every menu item.

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