5 new and upcoming restaurants

Downtown St. Paul is getting an American Burger Bar

Downtown St. Paul is getting an American Burger Bar

How do you like it? More, more, more! 

Now that it's got Bradstreet Craftshouse up and cranking along beautifully, Graves Hospitality is busy making more moves, including a hotel restaurant in the Crown Plaza St. Paul Riverfront called Citizen Supperclub, described as midcentrury modern, or "Don Draper with an iPhone" according to the Mpls./St. Paul Business Journal. They're also reporting plans for a Graves-bulit residence and restaurant concept in Uptown. Citizen is due to open in August. 

Citizen Supperclub

11 Kellog Blvd. E., St. Paul 

Redstone Ridgedale is moving into Ridgedale Center. There. Not sure what else to say about that, but if you're shopping for some Lancome and a new pair of kicks at Nordstrom, know that you can stop in at that most innocuous of restaurants, the one that does everything, and we do mean everything, pretty good but not great. But good enough to please the ladies with big glasses of wine and a turkey kale salad, and Dad with a big short rib burger, and the kids with a warm chocolate chip cookie sundae so that everyone can shut the hell up and more happily get back to the business of buying underpants. Currently open, across the parking lot, until the move sometime around October. 

12501 Ridgedale Dr., Minnetonka 


Crave has a particular bead on giving people what they seem to want — its tome of a menu contains every single greatest hit of American food — and hey, it's not excellent, but if it's excellent you're after you should have gone somewhere else. What you want is all the things on one menu ensuring that not one single person in your seven-person group is going to open their yapper, throw up their hands, and complain: "Well, there's nothing here I can eat!" No, they cannot say that because here they will have their sushi, their wood-fired pizza, their burgers (naturally), their separate gluten-free menu, their chicken fettuccine, their tacos! So now, Kaskaid Hospitality is once again coming to the Mall of America to open Burger Burger ("Hey, what should we call this place? I've got it!") and Zia, a classic Itailan restaurant. Why? Because it's what the people want. Why fight it? Opening sometime in the fall. 

Mall of America 

Burgers! Everybody likes them, yes? Minneapolitans like them, but so do St. Paulites! Downtown Minneapolis has long enjoyed American Burger Bar and now St. Paul's downtown shall enjoy one too. They've got a list of like 25 burgers — if it can burger, then they can give it to you — and other stuff too like pastrami sliders, wings, steaks, and adult shakes.

Now open

345 N. Wabasha 


The third in the massive summer season Italian/ Crudo takeover opens today — Lela in Bloomington. We can't wait until they are all officially open so we can see who does it best! Monello and Ill Foro are also currently open, and we're awaiting Parella and Scena. Lela is in the Sheraton Bloomington.

5601 W. 78th St., Bloomington.