5 new and coming soon restaurants

Breads and bikes at Brake Bread's new storefront.

Breads and bikes at Brake Bread's new storefront.

There's more grub for hockey fans, bread on bikes, "royal" Indian cuisine, and other deliciousness now open and coming your way soon: 


If you live in the 50th and Chicago neighborhood, you're going to be in luck in just a couple of weeks. Mike Agan (formerly of Jean George, Solera, D'Amico and other illustrious local restaurants) and partner James Elm are opening Xavi, a 60-seat New American (otherwise known as "whatever the hell we want") restaurant.

The room and menu will not be "too fancy," but also will not include a burger.

"The 5-8 is a block away and that's where I want to have my burger," says Agan. Instead, think duck with XO (spicy seafood) sauce, chard, and pickles; or pork loin with lemongrass and warm peach and arugula salad. There will also be a heavy emphasis on small plates, excellent desserts and pastries, plus beer and wine. 

Opens in June, dinner only 
5607 Chicago Ave. S., Minneapolis

Brake Bread 

The bike delivery subscription bread service Brake Bread now has a storefront.

Their story: Two dads with a yen to do something with their hands (and legs!) put their heads together and came up with bread. Bread is simple, bread is soul satisfying, and everybody needs it. They can make the bread and deliver the bread by the time they need to greet the kids after school.

Well, now they've outgrown their shared kitchen space, so voila. A storefront. No word yet on regular hours, but they're still delivering by bike and offering subscriptions. Keep an eye on them here. 

Now open 
1174 W. Seventh St., St. Paul

Herbie's on the Park 

First Nanne's, and now this. Seems restaurateurs are banking on hockey fans to line their pockets. The upcoming Herbie's on the Park is named for the prominent Minnesota coach Herb Brooks, who led the U.S. to Olympic gold against the Soviet Union in 1980.

According to the Pioneer Press, Brooks has a prominent developer for a brother. The project is set to open in September, and though there is no official word on the menu, we're betting on meats and potatoes. 

Opens around September 
317 on Rice Park , St. Paul

Maharaja Indian Cuisine 

Spring Lake Park is getting a new North Indian restaurant around the middle of July. The partners and chefs of Maharaja Indian Cuisine are also involved in Minneapolis' Jewel of India and India Palace, so if you're a fan of those, you'll likely also be a fan of Maharaja.

Owners say their regional cuisine will have a heavy emphasis on Mediterranean and Irani influence, and tandoor oven cooking.

And know this: the word "Maharaja" means "King of Kings." The restaurant theme and tag line is, "The Royal Experience." All dishes are based on "authentic royal recipes" from the royal families of India. Are you ready? 

Opens in July
8492 Central Ave. NE., Spring Lake Park

Java Express at Union Depot 

Get your ever-important caffeine jolt when jumping trains from the Union Depot. The Java Express opens on June 20. The independent coffee shop will offer coffee, tea, smoothies, pastries, and other grab-and-go items.

The space will occasionally feature live music, as well as meeting space. Watch for a menu expansion that will eventually include items like chicken and waffles. 

Opens June 20
214 Fourth St. E., St. Paul