5 grown-up ways to celebrate National Ice Cream Day


Have your ice cream and get booze in it, too.

Sunday, July 17, is National Ice Cream Day, and it's about to get crazy hot in the Twin Cities. But don't stand in line old-school for an inside-out cool down. Get your icy treats like the adult you are.

Presenting five big-kid ways to cool down by shoving icy things into your face. 


Unless you're making your own at home, you can rarely be certain that the ice cream you're eating contains only cream, sugar, fruit, and a little salt. Locally made JonnyPops pride themselves on including little more than those four ingredients. Cousins Jonathan and Erik Brust came up with the formula and the dream for the business in their dorm room. When Jonathan sadly died from a drug overdose, Erik was that much more determined to make the dream a reality and honor his cousin. A portion of the proceeds from JonnyPops goes to benefit the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. 

Available in many local grocery stores.

For a full list of locations: jonnypops.com 


Unusual and classic flavors plus housemade fountain sodas at LaLa Homemade Ice Cream, coming soon.

Boozecicles at Fire Lake 

Kick ordinary popsicles to the kiddos and get yours infused with booze. Firelake is serving boozesicles (see above) inspired by classic summer cocktails. Get 'em in pina colada, strawberry margarita, mojito, peach sangria, and grasshopper. They're available all summer long for seven bucks each. 

Please note that boozecicles are only available at the Minneapolis location of Firelake. 

31 S. Seventh St., Minneapolis 



"Halva" icy creamy coffee drink at Peace Coffee 

Even if it is technically ice cream, you probably can't get away with starting the day with a boozecicle. So get your other legal drug infused into an iced coffee at Peace Coffee.

But wait: The new "Halva Nice Day" is no ordinary frappe. Instead, they've infused a take on the popular Middle Eastern treat halva (sunflower seeds crushed with sugar) and incorporated all of it into an espresso shake with ice and cream. 

Multiple locations 


La La Homemade Ice Cream 


Keep a close eye on Milkjam. They keep your ice cream game so strong.

Ever since MilkJam landed in Uptown, ice cream with unusual, adult-geared flavors like Apricot Freewheeler with Sociable Hard Cider and Spicy Lamb Bacon Miso have been pretty easy to come by. And soon it's going to be easier still when La La Homemade Ice Cream arrives in Uptown to give them a little competition.

Jennifer Lisburg will be opening her creamery for the third time (the first was back in the '90s when she lived and made ice cream in Minneapolis, and the second was in the small town of Fertile, Minnesota). She's making her Minneapolis homecoming with more subtle adult flavors like rhubarb, basil, and berries and marzipan chip along with classic favorites. 

La La will have a nostalgic feel with homemade fountain drinks, coffee, and tea. 

LaLa Homemade Ice Cream opens any day. 

3146 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis 



While the lines around the block of their storefront should be advertisement enough, we can't talk about ice cream for adults without mentioning just a few of the treats most recently offered at Milkjam (in addition to the ones above). Special treats have included hibiscus lemonade Italian Ice with a Champagne float; chocolate-covered potato chip ice cream, strawberry with cardamom meringue, and an Atmosphere-inspired sundae sprinkled with gold leaf. And so many other things. Keep an eye on them. They keep your ice cream game so strong. 


2743 S Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis 



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