5 Great Bottles: Think outside the bottle, best boxed wine


The space bag isn't just for college kids anymore. Convenience, practicality, and longevity have more people reaching for wine in a box instead of a bottle. Jim Johnson, the manager at Lowry Hill Liquors, recommends five great, no-fuss boxed wines.

"Boxed wine is really about convenience," Johnson said. With a box, he explains, the air never gets to the wine, so it never spoils. "You can have a quarter-glass or a half-glass; you don't have to worry about it."

Not to mention, boxed wines store more easily. Anyone else remember the cubed watermelon craze?

Black Box is Johnson's pick for a high-quality boxed wine. It comes in 3-liter boxes and five varieties - sweeping the category for five great boxed wines. Plus, Johnson said he's never had a box brought back to Lowry Hill.

1. The Cabernet Sauvignon is described by Black Box as smooth and easy drinking with aromas of blackberry, olives and oak complemented by dark cherry and chocolate flavors.

2. The Black Box Merlot blends red berries, soft tannins and a smooth, concentrated finish.

3. Shiraz is the least dry of the three Black Box reds and combines fresh blackberry, cherry and floral notes with hints of pepper and wood spice, according to the Black Box site.


4. The Chardonnay is a fresh, silky white wine that Black Box says will "complement food rather than overpower it."

5. Johnson described the Black Box Pinot Grigio as a lighter white wine, with hints of citrus.

Black Box, Johnson said, is a step up from everyday boxed wine, allowing wine drinkers the convenience of the box without sacrificing quality. A 3-liter Black Box wine will be in the $20-30 range.

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