5 Best Places to Catch a Pre- or Post-game Meal Near TCF Stadium

If you're looking to catch a bite on campus before or after the big game, we suggest checking out these five places

If you're looking to catch a bite on campus before or after the big game, we suggest checking out these five places

The Vikings home opener is this weekend and a mass of Twin Citians will descend upon the campus stadium in droves. We're guessing that more than a few of you will be looking for some tasty eats before or after the game, so we've put together a few suggestions to ensure maximum home opener enjoyment.

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5. Al's Breakfast If you get down to Dinkytown good and early, you might just be able to pony up to a stool at Al's. This classic Twin Cities breakfast diner will provide maximum protein and carbohydrate intake thereby giving you all the energy you need to make sure the Patriots don't leave the Twin Cities with their hearing intact.

4. Annie's Parlour Burgers, malts, and fries are this Dinkytown diner's specialty and what more could you want for pre- or post-game grub? They open at 11 a.m., and if you're down there and get in right away, you could easily toss back a burger and still make it to the Stadium in time to grab a hotdog and get to your seat. Or, if you're looking for a decent burger to wash down the multiple orders of stadium nachos, Annie's could just as easily serve as a good post-game spot. [page]

3. Campus Pizza We're not sure there's anything better than a good, post-game pizza party, so why not head down and check out the non-pizza chain on campus. This place has been a U of M institution since 1959, so if you're looking for a good, Midwestern-style slice of pie, the folks at Campus Pizza will be more than happy to hook you up.

2. Hong Kong Noodle Okay, we know that this might veer outside the normal wings-pizza-nachos territory of most game goers, but considering the weather as of late, after the game, you might just be ready for a giant bowl of hot noodle soup. Located only a few blocks away from the stadium, this would be a great place to warm up, post-game.

The bacon waffle at Al's

The bacon waffle at Al's

1. Restaurant Alma Win or lose, make a post game reservation at one of the Twin Cities best restaurants. While Alma might be a little further away than our previous list choices, it's still only a mile and a half from the stadium and they offer top-shelf goods. If you're celebrating a victory, it's perfect. If you're mourning a loss, it's still perfect. Make your reservations now though, because you wouldn't want to Tony Romo on this play.

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