40-year-old cheddar cheese to be sold in Wisconsin

The famed 40-year-old cheddar Edward Zahn found in his cheese shop.
The famed 40-year-old cheddar Edward Zahn found in his cheese shop.
Photo courtesy of Ken McNulty

Edward Zahn was cleaning out the walk-in cooler in his Oconto, Wisconsin-based County Line Cheese shop when he came upon a very happy accident: several boxes of cheddar cheese that had been repeatedly pushed back by new products over the years.

If it were almost any other foodstuff, Zahn's discovery would be more along the lines of a science experiment, but with cheese, a lot of it just gets better with age.

And Zahn's 40-year-old cheddar, as well as 34-year-old and 28-year-old cheddars he also found, are part of what is most likely the oldest collection of cheese ever assembled and sold to the public, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Now, the cheeses will go on sale October 6 at the Wisconsin Cheese Mart in Milwaukee as part of the "Ultimate Wisconsin Cheddar Flight," a cheese-tasting event.

Ken McNulty, president of Wisconsin Cheese Mart, told the State Journal that he has approximately 20 pounds of the 40-year-old cheese and 120 pounds of the 34-year-old cheddar, though the latter will be sold at a later date.

The 40-year-old cheddar will be sold at $10 per ounce.

"It's the sharpest cheese I've ever tasted," McNulty told the State Journal.

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