4 new and coming soon restaurants and bars (plus one closing)

Hennepin Steam Room is being billed as a nightclub with live music, a full restaurant, and a good wine list.

Hennepin Steam Room is being billed as a nightclub with live music, a full restaurant, and a good wine list. Photo courtesy of Hennepin Steam Room Facebook Page

Barbecue, bistros, and pho, oh my!

Dickey’s BBQ Pit
East St. Paul’s Sun Ray shopping center just got smokier with a Dickey’s BBQ Pit franchise.

While the chain is not our first choice for true-blue ’Q (which our town finally has in spades), it’s definitely a better fast food choice than the usual suspects. Dickey’s sells a comprehensive list of American BBQ faves, plus sandwiches, salads, and loaded baked potatoes, for those truly confused about what they want for lunch.

Now open.

2113 Old Hudson Rd., St. Paul

Bistro 373
Jumping on the local Francophile culinary craze of the moment (see BellecourBar Brigade, and St. Genevieve), Bistro 373 is the upcoming re-brand of the dubiously named Faces by chef David Fhima at the base of Lowertown's Galtier Plaza.

Expect a contemporary French-influenced menu with comfort dishes like red wine-braised short ribs and rotisserie chicken.

Opens March/April.

373 Sibley St., St. Paul

Pho #1
It's out with Kurdish and in with Vietnamese in the longstanding Babani’s space in downtown St. Paul. America's oldest Kurdish restaurant, Babani’s recently moved to a bigger, brighter space across the river. Now, downtown can swoop in for pho and more Pan-Asian favorites in the old space, reports the Pioneer Press.

Now open.

554 St. Peter St., St. Paul

Hennepin Steam Room
We want to go to this place based on the name alone. The space was in fact a steam room back in the 1800s. And while the property has been tried (and shuttered) as a nightclub before (most recently Tangiers), maybe this time's the charm. Think of the new iteration as a more mature nightclub with live music, serious food, and a wine-drinker’s wine list (owners are also responsible for the undersung Stem Wine Bar in Northeast).

Now open.

116 First Ave. N., Minneapolis

Granite City St. Louis Park closing March 26
In an official statement, the St. Louis Park brewery has “decided not to renew its lease.” So those seeking locally brewed beer and burgers will have to look elsewhere. Where, oh where will they possibly find any? But if you’re a true devotee of the place, the Maple Grove and Roseville locations are staying open.

Closes March 26 

500 Excelsior Blvd., St Louis Park

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