3rd annual Borough block party this Sunday


You'll take any opportunity to eat the Parlour burger, won't you? So how about the Parlour burger; Borough ribs, fries, and corn on the cob;

Coup d'état po'boys and beignets; Constantine tacos; and Marché cheese curds and fried chicken? 

The entire Jester lineup is gonna make a showing at the Borough block party this Sunday, and you know there's gonna be bands, too: Black Market Brass, Private Oates, American Scarecrows, and Viva Knievel. 

And booze! All the boozes, but especially Bauhaus. 

Get $5 advance tickets here, or pay $7 at the door. 

C'mon, you know summer doesn't last forever. You can feel it. Get out and do summer. The way we do. 


730 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis