3 Tiers, beloved bakery and eclectic bistro in Nokomis, is closed

The kimchee ramen at 3 Tiers

The kimchee ramen at 3 Tiers

While many of us were out enjoying the long holiday weekend, residents of south Minneapolis were saddened by the news that 3 Tiers Bakery & Bistro has officially closed its doors. The eclectic Nokomis restaurant earned a loyal following for its bargain prices on carafes of wine and creative, flavorful menu items and weekly specials.

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3 Tiers originally opened its doors five years ago as a humble bakery, but a more recent foray into expanded food options was met with critical acclaim. Offering a whimsical variety of Korean-influenced dishes, the menu also incorporated hints of Mexican, French, Italian, and American flavor profiles, often all at once. While the baguettes and various pastries were fantastic, 3 Tiers was best known for its kimchee ramen, which became a fast neighborhood favorite.

In a post on the restaurant's Facebook page, owners Sarah and Bryan Herr explained that they had been shopping for potential buyers over the course of the past year, but were unable to find a new owner and decided to close.

It is with heartfelt emotions that we announce that 3 Tiers has closed its doors. It was five years ago that we set a goal to start up a small bakery and grow it into what it has become. shop, sandwich shop, wedding cake shop, beer and wine bar, weird Korean restaurant; basically whatever you wanted it to be. Now it is time for Bryan and Sarah to start another venture and explore what else life has to offer. A big thank you to our Nokomis neighborhood customers; we have some of the most loyal, greatest, nicest, and most interesting people. We couldn't have made it without you.

The decision to close is a voluntary decision; our amazing customers made 3 Tiers a financial success. It was a decision we made for our livelihood and happiness. Restaurants are a lot of work and we are excited to be able to spend more time with family and friends and maybe take a vacation!

We wanted to keep the news quiet so that all of you could enjoy 3 Tiers as it is supposed to be: a friendly casual neighborhood place with no-wait (usually). We have been trying to sell our business for the past year and announced our closing it to our employees at the beginning of June. (Thank you employees for being so discreet and sticking around until the end). We have had some interest but nothing final yet on paper -- so if you or someone you know wants to carry on the 3 Tiers legacy or start up something bigger and better, let us know!

Here's hoping these two pop back up somewhere in the city with a new idea, but for now, their south Minneapolis neighbors will certainly miss them.

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