3 Minneapolis bars make Food & Wine's 'best cocktail bars in the U.S.' list

Constantine got one of Minneapolis' three shout-outs on Food & Wine's list.

Constantine got one of Minneapolis' three shout-outs on Food & Wine's list. Tony Nelson

Don't let anyone tell you Minneapolis doesn't know how to drink fancy drinks.

Food & Wine magazine is out with a list of the "best cocktail bars" in the country, purportedly a "travel" piece for the sort of people who will hop on a plane just to get a decent drink.

If those booze aficionados do exist, expect to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them at our local watering holes in the near future. Predictablty, much of Food & Wine's rundown features swanky joints in places like New York, California, and Miami.

But three of its favorite 39 bars are right here in Minneapolis. 

If you've sipped spirits at Eat Street Social, Coup d'Etat, or Constantine, congratulations! You've been to some of the best this city -- and country -- has to offer. 

Food & Wine recognizes Coup d'Etat for its enormous, gorgeous, multi-level dining room and patio, and likes the "dramatic look" at Constantine's candlelit saloon. 

"[Constantine] barman Jesse Held focuses on novelty in his drinks, experimenting with infusions and even creating an 'ice program' with different styles and flavors," they write.

As for Eat Street Social, the south Minneapolis offshoot of Northeast Social, Food & Wine praises the craft creations of Ira Koplowitz and Nicholas Kosevich, the creative minds behind Bittercube bitters, for coming up with complex offerings like their three-bitters-laced Of the Older Fashioned.

So, there you have it. Any Twin Cities-area resident with the slightest thirst already knew we were a pretty swell cocktail town. Now, Food & Wine's done gone and ruined it, bragging us up to the whole country.

Now how are you going to find a seat at the bar? 

Better go early. Like, now.

But first! Read our guides of how to  drink (and/or eat, if you're into that) at Eat Street Social, Coup d'Etat, and Constantine