20.21 Offers Oscars Tasting Menu


Most Oscar-watchers probably plan to park it in front of the TV with a big batch of popcorn ** (see below for the secret to popping perfect popcorn), but if you want to class it up a bit, head to 20.21 where they're rolling out a red carpet Oscars Tasting Menu, based on Wolfgang Puck's Governors Ball menu. I am especially excited about the Baked Alaska--it's hard to find on restaurant menus and a lot of work to make at home. The last time I attempted one was junior high home ec class!

Three courses cost $20.21, and if you don't hit it before Sunday, you can still catch it any time during dinner hours between now and March 20.

20.21 Oscars Tasting Menu First Course: Poached Sweet Shrimp with House Made Cocktail Sauce and Fresh Wasabi


Mini Burgers with Aged Cheddar, Herb Remoulade

Second Course: Sweet Soy Glazed Atlantic Salmon or Yakatori Chicken Satays with Baby Carrots and Yukon Gold Potato Puree

Dessert: Baked Alaska with Vanilla Ice Cream and Toasted Meringue

** Perfect Popcorn Method Use bulk kernels from the co-op and melted Hope Butter. Heat a little oil in a lidded pan or dutch oven and add three kernels. When those pop, remove from heat, add the rest of the kernels in a thin layer, cover, and wait for 30 seconds. When you put the pot back on the stove, the kernels will all pop at about the same time and you have very few old maids and no burning.