2010 Restaurant Preview


Kathie Jenkins recently published a very thoroughly reported list of restaurants expected to open in the Twin Cities in 2010. You've probably heard about most of the stuff slated for the next few months, but she tracked down a lot of details on some of the projects pending for spring and beyond. Among some of the highlights:

Nick Miller (Happy Gnome, Busters) is converting a former bowling alley in Willernie into a steakhouse with the help of Happy Gnome chef Matt Hinman and former W.A. Frost chef Leonard Anderson.

Tim Niver, Strip Club c-owner has a few ideas in the works, including one to serve "upscale old-style American food," "Betty Crocker in High Heels."

Don Saunders of Fugaise is working on changes to the food operations of the University Club/Commodore in St. Paul.

Harvey McLain of Turtle Bread bought a new building in Longfellow near 34th Street and 42nd Avenue and plans to open another Turtle Bread bakery/restaurant.