$2 Panini all week at Punch


From 11-2, every day this week, Punch's famous off-menu ham-and-fontina panini can be yours for just $2 at any of the following stores: Calhoun (Monday); Grand Ave (Tuesday); Eden Prairie (Wednesday); Highland (Thursday); Wayzata (Friday). If you've never been to all the Punch outlets, consider this your chance for a week-long tour de panini binge.

Teddy Hobbins of Epic Sandwich tried it last week at the Hennepin shop and had this high praise:

I am in love with the crust at Punch, and the panini version was as rustic, charred, meaty and delightful as their pizza standard. It's hard to believe that such simple ingredients can yield such robust flavors when appreciated and treated properly - 800 degrees properly. The circular panini was oozing with creamy cheese that was perfectly rich and decadent. The cheese warmly caressed the thin slices of salty/sweet ham that had charred on the edges intensifying the flavors creating a bacon like finish. Watching them create it so masterfully, and then enjoying every bite made me want to drop everything and head straight to Naples to learn the craft myself.

Sandwich Rating: Killer. Simply put - it was easily the best $2 sandwich money can buy.