13 exceptional choices for takeout, pick-up, and delivery in the Twin Cities

An Alambre family pack, ready to roll

An Alambre family pack, ready to roll Órale Mexican Eats Facebook

More so than any other time in Minnesota’s dining history, nearly any food or drink your mouth could possibly want is just a click away.

Beer? Delivered right to your door. Hot sauce to fix even your worst recipe attempts? Coming in hotttt! James Beard-honored dinners you might be able to fool folks into thinking are yours? You betcha. 

There are a whole lotta options out there right now, amenable to all your wildest hankerings, ready to satisfy most any flavor craving imaginable (that whole, daunting look can be found here). The folks below are doing it like pros, with offerings that accommodate a variety of budgets, tastes, and needs. 

Bar Luchador is taking social media pre-orders for items off its killer menu, which accommodates vegan and gluten-free diets. Achiote braised chicken, cheesy steak burritos, pork and pineapple curry fried rice, cheesy chorizo and rice tortilla soup, and more are prepared by a small team who will have everything ready for you to retrieve during a three-hour pick-up window. 

Bauhaus Brew Labs now offers Drive Thru and Drive 2 U. Use their online ordering system to snag growlers, crowlers, and 6-packs of "Nah" for pickup via their drive-thru service at their Northeast Minneapolis taproom, or special delivery right to your door. Neither requires touching, while offering a little bit of Brew Thru fun to the Bold North.

Black Walnut Bakery is open and ready to satisfy sweet tooths with their imminently photographable array of pastries, tarts, and pies. Still feeling dreary despite this little baked bit of beauty? Black Walnut’s got coffee to-go for a caffeinated pick up that sure won’t hurt…

Actual pic of Bull's Horn takeout, mid-smash. (No, the containers don't come half-eaten, ya doinks!)

Actual pic of Bull's Horn takeout, mid-smash. (No, the containers don't come half-eaten, ya doinks!) Emily Cassel

Bull’s Horn, south Minneapolis’s gem of a dive bar, continues to serve its menu of comfort food curbside, straight into drivers’ passenger windows. Yes, of course they’ve got their craveable burgers, buckets of fried chicken, and more on offer. But in a gesture of magnanimous genius, Bull’s Horn has partnered with Electric Noodle to make the latter’s mazeman bowls and fluffy manotu sandwiches available when ordering from their online platform. Two flavorful birds, one fell swoop, straight outta south Minneapolis!

Grand Cafe and sister restaurant Eastside are running an operation that’s somewhere between takeout and fooling guests into thinking they can cook. James Beard nominee Jamie Malone and crew concoct take-and-assemble meals for two like chicken and dumplings for $30 that arrive with the occasional bingo cards… because why not? With your purchase, Grand Cafe and Eastside donates a lunch to people in need within the community, so it’s not all fluff n’ stuff, either.

Not to be this guy, but: All this could be yours.

Not to be this guy, but: All this could be yours. Lowry Hill Meats / Instagram

Lowry Hill Meats has made its entire sandwich menu (yes, even those weekend-exclusive breakfast sandwiches!) available for pickup. But it’s not only sandwiches: they’re keeping the butcher’s deli case stocked to the gills and available for curbside pillaging, so you can grab a sandwich and still call it a “grocery run.”

During its hiatus from service, Modern Times Cafe has a convenient delivery solution to recipes that make cooking anything seem like a breeze – I’m looking at you Mark Bittman’s B.S. 30-minute-paella recipe – and all that laundry piling up. Yes, Modern Times will deliver right to your doorstep any of their hot sauces (ideal for covering up your culinary blunders), and any of their cool merch (perfect for pretending like your laundry isn’t real)! Because, yunno, sometimes heroes just patch you up a little.

Not all geniuses wear capes, ya dig?

Not all geniuses wear capes, ya dig? Courtesy Chris Uhrich

Both Mucci’s Minneapolis and St. Paul locations have curbside takeout operations designed to scratch that red sauce itch. Look for pizza and pasta favorites, plus each location’s unique menu creations: Trattoria’s got a Juicy Mucci (the lovechild of a juicy lucy and a big ol’ saucy meatball) and St. Paul’s new-this-week porchetta with potato confit, garlic butter, and a white wine demi, to name just a couple. 

Want to support a brand-new joint and experience something (gasp!) novel? South Minneapolis’s Órale Mexican Eats’ grand opening took place just a week before the government-mandated shutdown. But they rolled with the punches, and got an online ordering system that permits scheduled curbside pickup for items like Filipino tacos, esquites, Alambre family packs, sopes, and more! 

Midway favorite Peking Garden has offered a host of rotating specials to entice takeout business. From the “lobster for two” deal early on, they’ve consistently changed things up in inventive ways, ranging from free bubble tea to tossing in a veggie entree. Between the deep menu and unholy-good chicken wings, it’s hard to find a reason not to support this St. Paul stalwart… 

Provision Community Restaurant has made the most of its nonprofit status to offer totally free, nightly takeout meals to anyone impacted by the world turning on its head. Monday through Friday, find them ready and waiting with meals of a rotating variety available to “anyone and everyone in the community. Period.”

Zen Box's handy dandy ramen instruction manual leads to beauty and delight

Zen Box's handy dandy ramen instruction manual leads to beauty and delight JD Hovland

Since day one, Zen Box Izakaya had said they’d never do ramen to-go, but in these times those old proclamations just don’t hold. Few things comfort like their carefully prepared broths layered with textures and flavors… and to make their work available to as many as possible, they’ve printed instructions for perfect reassembly and adopted a pay-what-you-can model, in hopes that neither cost nor skill proves a barrier to deliciousness and comfort in such trying times. 

Zettas, Eat Street’s tiniest champions, have figured out a method of online ordering and contactless pickup/delivery as smooth as the ricotta in its somewhat original flatbread. In it for pick-up? Your perfectly yoinkable, bagged-and-labeled order will be ready-and-waiting on a table blocking entry, but accessible by hand from the door. No contacting bodies, just a reach for your goodies… which happen to involve lotsa leafy greens you didn’t grab at the store since they go bad and, uh, aren’t beer. 

As is prudent: Please check with individual proprietors’ websites/social media/actual humans for specific ordering procedures, availability, pick-up info as things change quickly these days.