112 Eatery's epic cheeseburger


You can't make an amazing burger if you don't start with great ingredients. Condiments and cheese can cover up some flaws, but they won't get you far in the total satisfaction department. Thankfully, the 112 Eatery not only perfectly executes the patty on their cheeseburger; they let it shine with simple adoration.

The burger explosion is taking our city by storm, and although I enjoy seeing some of the creations, many are far too obnoxious for my tastes. I've heard of burgers that are topped with Philly beef or sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches and smothered or smeared with just about anything possible. Instead of that insanity, the 112 Eatery embraces simplicity, runs with it, and creates an amazing burger in the process. Their patty features the ideal fat ratio and is lightly seasoned with what I would guess to be minced onion, s & p and thyme. It creates a really clean and satisfying roster of flavors and the perfectly pink patty is prepared to my ideal temperature.

You rarely see brie on a cheeseburger menu, but the 112 version is served only with this ultra-decadent pairing-- and a whole truckload of it. It creates a level of richness (snobbery?) that is simply unparalleled in its elegance. Lastly, the burger is served on a soft yet dense English muffin that allows for a firm grip while absorbing every last bit of that precious juice. All this creates a burger that is perfectly executed and unmistakably awesome.

Sandwich Rating: Epic. I thought I was the only one who would order a cheeseburger as an appetizer, but several tables were doing just that on my last trip. Though the burger seems pretty unassuming on the menu, I can assure you that between the impeccable ingredients and flawless execution, it is not to be missed.

Epic Sandwich copyright 2010 by Teddy Hobbins