100 Favorite Dishes: No. 95, Marvel Bar's pickled egg

No man can eat 50 eggs -- but with these you might want to try.
No man can eat 50 eggs -- but with these you might want to try.
Joy Summers

When Marvel Bar, the speakeasy under the Bachelor Farmer, announced that they were introducing a new food menu, stomachs growled all over town. While they would still serve their classic Cheetos bar snack, Marvel Bar had several new bites to sample. One that stood out was this ovum beauty.

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There is nothing about Marvel Bar that's similar to a backwoods Wisconsin watering hole, except maybe for this pickled egg. But while we're used to seeing these in a massive jar that's been kept for who knows how long, the Marvel Bar's eggs are exquisitely flavored and undoubtedly fresh. 

The tender little orb arrives with a golden hue and a zippy, tart flavor from the ginger and curry in which it's pickled. It's topped with a lively little bit of green parsley salt. The yolk, while completely set, still retains a bit of its creamy texture. 

The flavor is intensely familiar with a worldly bent. Just like so much Marvel Bar does with cocktails this simple ingredient is turned on its ear and delivered with such panache and powerful flavor, one wonders how we ever made do without it before. Plus, it's only two dollars! That's a cheap slice of awesome, right there, friends.

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