100 Favorite Dishes: No. 90, Asian Invasion's bulgogi tacos

Terrific tacos
Terrific tacos
Joy Summers

There was a time when tacos stuffed with tender, marinated beef and kimchee were the province of the Kogi Trucks in L.A. -- a time when having Korean BBQ trucks in Minnesota was just a pipe dream. That has all changed and now, at long last, we have our own crave-worthy bulgogi tacos, courtesy of the Asian Invasion truck.

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Two soft tortillas are packed with thinly sliced, sizzling beef and topped with a zingy tart and spicy kimchee. If that's not quite enough heat for you, the dish is finished with thin slices of seed-in jalapenos to punch up the heat.

It's great street food, the meat melding with that sweet, hot, crunchy cabbage. The fiery heat makes your lips tingle while your tongue begs for more. Follow them on Twitter to find out when and where you can snag some of these tacos for yourself.

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