100 Favorite Dishes: No. 83, Groundswell's chai cinnamon rolls

As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2014, coming April 16, the Hot Dish is serving up 100 of our favorite local dishes.

100 Favorite Dishes: No. 83, Groundswell's chai cinnamon rolls
Benjamin Carter Grimes

There is a time and a place for the mammoth, thickly iced traditional cinnamon rolls from places like Key's or Colossal Cafe, and it's usually when you're having breakfast with at least one other person. But one of the things we like about the dense dough, warm spice, and light glaze of the ones from Groundswell Coffee in St. Paul, is that they're individually sized and thus best enjoyed solo.

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These cardamom cream cheese-frosted creations are courtesy of Groundswell's baker Megan Greulich, whose previous experience as the owner of a small wedding and occasion-cake business called Consider a Cake is on display here. 

Her vegan and gluten-free cupcakes are stealth and rich; her bacon, Gruyere, and rosemary scones are buttery and crumbly; and her Minnesota cookie made with wild rice has gained something of a following. But we've got our sights set on this cinnamon roll. It's perfect with a cup of Dogwood Coffee, or with a frothy mug of hot chai. 

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Groundswell Coffee

1340 W. Thomas Ave.
St Paul, MN 55104


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