100 Favorite Dishes: No. 74, Spill The Wine's Brussels sprouts hash

Brussels sprouts notoriously haunt dinner plates of those under the age of ten. But the stigma given to this vitamin-packed vegetable has gone on far too long: Sprouts are making a savvy comeback. Whether you prefer them dressed up and served with sophistication, thrown down alongside a slab of bacon, or somewhere in between, this once-dreaded veggie now boasts its serious versatility with a vengeance.

Spill The Wine's style is of the "somewhere in between" variety. Their $9 Brussels sprouts hash small plate is down to earth and, at first glance, it seems that most every ingredient is easy to identify. But a few bites in will have you wondering: How exactly were these cooked? Is that a hint of brandy? This couldn't be the same vegetable my mom used to force on me, could it?

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Well, yes it could be, and it is. But the preparation of these sprouts is likely a bit different than the typical boiled sprout of your youth. These Brussels sprouts are chopped in half and sautéed to cook them evenly -- no super-soft soggy outside paired with an undercooked inside.

Spill The Wine tosses mushrooms, shallots, and a mild brandy reduction into the pan and tops the final product with mustard seeds. While each component broadens and completes the dish's flavor, it really is the Brussels sprouts stealing the show on this plate -- to the disbelief of ten-year-olds everywhere.

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