100 Favorite Dishes: No. 64, Holy Land Deli's baklava

100 Favorite Dishes: No. 64, Holy Land Deli's baklava
Loren Green

Holy Land Deli, with locations at Central Ave and at Midtown Global Market, has been delivering quality, consistency, and authenticity since 1986. The deli/bakery/grocery has a stacked and varied menu and retail section, but whenever shopping for olives, cheeses, and meats, don't forget to swing by for a $1.99 triangle of baklava.

It's natural candy, with honey, cinnamon, and spice leading the sweet and sugary charge. The crunchy nut base gives texture, sandwiched between layers of delicate yet rich filo pastry crust.

The modest serving is appropriate considering the richness of the pastry, and can be taken down in three large bites or more slowly over a few minutes if you're the savoring or sharing type. The basic spices and natural ingredients pair well with almost all foods, making it a perfect dessert with almost any purchase from the numerous vendors at the Global Market.

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