100 Favorite Dishes: No. 52, The Wienery's drive-in fries


Whether paired with a burger at a sports bar, served in a carton at a fast food drive-thru, or sliced up waffle-style with a fancy dipping sauce, the deep-fried potato is easy to come by, and each option with a style of its own.

Style is a specialty at The Wienery. Not a snooty, exclusive kind of style; no, the Wienery is the dive of all Minneapolis dives -- in the best way. There are only a couple of tables scattered against the single open wall, just across from the retro-looking bar, and no matter where you sit, the kitchen is in full view.

All this adds up to the perfect environment for a plate of drive-in fries. The Wienery cuts up their own potatoes, leaving the skins on of course, deep fries them, and then tops it off with homemade chili, coleslaw, and melted cheese.

If you've never mixed coleslaw and chili, you've been missing out, and you may never want to go back to indulging in either separately. The cool, crisp summery taste of the slaw and the soft wintery chili give meaning to the phrase "opposites attract."

One potato will cost you $4, two potatoes $5.50. The drive-in fries pair perfectly with any of their dogs and burgers, but also boast enough substance for a meal all on their own.

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