100 Favorite Dishes: No. 50, Berry Sweet Kitchen's egg sandwich


Berry Sweet Kitchen is still getting started, easing its way into business after a soft opening. Located in the former home of the smoky Nokomis Cafe, this new and improved breakfast spot has found its calling in fresh fruits, decadent desserts, and a breakfast/lunch menu that fuses Mexican-American fare and diner breakfast specialties. While the homemade jellies and pastries are a hallmark of the restaurant, the scratch cooking makes the basics stand out, too.

Take Berry Sweet's egg sandwich, served on homemade French bread. It's airy and light, with just a smidge of toughness to the crust that makes it squeeze down into a clean and easy-to-eat monster sandwich. When it comes to sandwiches, it's all about balance and texture, and this one wins on both counts.

The rest of the sandwich is simple -- just three eggs, cheese, and chorizo -- but it's that delicate yet durable bread that makes the egg-chorizo scramble into a satisfying meal. As far as chorizo goes, it's mild and un-oily and, consequently, easy on the digestion. There are hot sauces and homemade salsas available to spice it up too, continuing the scratch cooking theme of the restaurant.

Grab a City Pages at the door, order at the counter, and sit down with an egg sandwich and a coffee. Watch the street traffic through the large windows for a laid back start to the day. Berry Sweet Kitchen is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Berry Sweet Kitchen 5406 34th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55417 612-345-7376

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