100 Favorite Dishes: No. 48, Moral Omnivore's BLT

Great food for the stomach and the soul
Great food for the stomach and the soul
Joy Summers

The folks behind the Moral Omnivore food truck are about more than just making you a tray of good food (although they do that, too.) Their goal is to make the world a better place. 

Everything on their menu is made from scratch, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes in the offing. Bamboo utensils are available for purchase so food truck eaters can reduce and reuse. Plus, on one day each week they donate a portion of their profits to a Minnesota-based charity. So, the fact that they serve one of our favorite summer sandwiches fills our hearts and stomachs on warm weather days. 

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These little fried tomato BLTs ($7 for two) are crispy, juicy flavor nuggets. Tender and petite slices of red tomatoes are fried crunchy on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside. The savory breadcrumb crust crumbles into the flavorful tomatoes, which are laid atop dark greens and topped with a tart, crunchy, cabbage-dominated slaw. One layer down are hunks of seriously good bacon. Each bite brings multiple layers of textures and freshly harvested flavors: tart, sweet, salty, bright, and smoky. 

Summer can't return soon enough, so we can sample these sandwiches again.

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