100 Favorite Dishes: No. 43, Grand Café's fondue

As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2014, coming April 16, the Hot Dish is serving up 100 of our favorite local dishes.

Sure, Grand Café is the obvious go-to for a fab brunch, but their upscale version of fondue should get you in the door at dinner time, too. This ain't no tacky '70s-style affair -- this is fancy cheese at its finest. Lately they've been using a Gouda blended with garlic, shallots, olive oil, and then finished with a sweet hit of cream.

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For your dipping pleasure, a variety of tasty options await: root vegetables, exotic mushrooms, green beans, and toasted sourdough. And a large spoon comes with the fondue, daring you to defy convention and everything your mama taught you and scoop that liquid gold straight into your gullet.

The low lighting, wooden rustic tables, and generally elegant atmosphere at the Grand Café all add to the sophisticated, yet homey feeling you'll get from this cheesy goodness. Enjoy it as an app or a light supper, and to put it over the edge, ask the knowledgeable staff what quaff they've got on hand that will best pair with the fondue.

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