100 Favorite Dishes: No. 41, the Chatterbox's pork and waffles

Sometimes the best dishes are where we least expect them. At the Chatterbox, a new menu featuring an array of stick-to-your-ribs style pub food is definitely proving itself to be something worth exploring. No dish makes this more apparent than the new pork and waffle plate. Let your chicken and waffles of yesteryear finally cross the road -- you'll be busy jumping head-on into this uber-decadent pile of porky goodness that's sure to satiate any pork lover's palate while perhaps simultaneously inducing meat sweats.

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The Chatterbox starts this gut-busting, yet luxurious, plate with a rye and caraway seed waffle, which is then topped with a generous portion of melt-in-your-mouth tender, stout-braised Berkshire pork shoulder and thick slabs of house-smoked, locally sourced pork belly. Caramelized onions and a stout maple reduction bring a much needed sweetness to the party, while a drizzle of gooey, Kentucky beer cheese adds a regal boost of creamy, salty goodness. 

The sandwich comes with your choice of french fries or mashed potatoes and we highly recommend the mash. They're whipped up with a seasoned, roasted red pepper sour cream and are an excellent complement to the overall dish. 

This particular sandwich is available at all three of the Chatterbox's Twin Cities locations. The Chatterbox might be a place that you think you know well, but stop in and check out their new menu. There's still a casual family game room vibe going on here -- they're rocking the old-school Nintendo setup and a serious selection of board games -- but their new menu has seriously upped the ante on board game night snacks.

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