100 Favorite Dishes: No. 40, Crema Cafe's affogato

As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2014, coming April 16, the Hot Dish is serving up 100 of our favorite local dishes.

100 Favorite Dishes: No. 40, Crema Cafe's affogato

When you join ice cream with a shot of espresso, it's a decidedly pleasant experience. So it follows that when you douse a scoop of Sonny's coffee-infused Crema ice cream with joe sourced from Intelligentsia, you create more than just the average sweet sip. This so-called "drowned" dessert -- that's what affogato means in Italian -- delivers your caffeine in just about the creamiest package possible.

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It may be tempting to order up another flavor as you gaze into the display freezer at the cute Lyndale cafe. Perhaps the Snickerdoodle, or the Chocolate Gelato or a French Lavender? But don't do it. To get the sensation of fresh, rich dairy sandwiched between layers of java, only Crema will do. Yes, all of the Sonny's ice creams are made with local and organic ingredients, but this is the only one made by infusing coffee beans with cream.

Once the house espresso from the famed Chicago-based Third Wave Coffee kings is added, it's time to sit down and enjoy your simple, but beautiful affogato. But don't forget as you dig in -- there's still plenty of caffeine jolt hidden within this velvety blend of sugar and coffee.

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Crema Cafe

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