100 Favorite Dishes: No. 39, Broders' Pasta Bar's quadrucci con pollo


So that pesky checking account balance put the kibosh (yet again) on your dream Italian vacation. While we can't help you there, Broders' Pasta Bar has a dish or two that might allow you to escape on an imaginary trip across the Atlantic -- or at least curb those carbohydrate cravings.

Broders' serves about 30 pasta dishes daily, all of which are good picks, but the quadrucci con pollo might just be the best thing on the menu.

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An equal amount of fresh field greens and quadrucci pasta are mixed together, then piled high with chicken, prosciutto, asparagus, mascarpone, and slivered almonds. Sound overwhelming? It's not, and it's not heavy either. While the portion size easily allows for a to-go box, this dish will not leave you feeling weighed down, as some pasta can.

Ask anyone who's been to the quaint South Minneapolis restaurant and you'll get the same reaction: a smile and a comment about "some of the best pasta I've had." It's certainly not Italy, but getting to Broders' doesn't require a costly plane ticket. Plan ahead and arrive early. The small pasta bar nestled in a Lake Harriet neighborhood is always packed to the rafters and doesn't take reservations, so a wait is practically a guarantee.

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