100 Favorite Dishes: No. 36, Groundswell's vegetarian burger

As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2014, coming April 16, the Hot Dish is serving up 100 of our favorite local dishes.
Nearly vegetarian
Nearly vegetarian
Joy Summers

When is a veggie burger more than a vegetarian meal option? When it's the glory that is the veggie burger at St. Paul's Groundswell Cafe. Whether you eat meat or not, this hearty sandwich is packed with craveable flavors for every palate.

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Made from a blend of black beans, quinoa, roasted vegetables, and fresh herbs, the patty is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, with a surprising meatiness. The toasty quinoa, earthy beans, and the subtle sweetness of root vegetables all round out to a wholly satisfying bite of food. 

Normally, it's served with a zesty blob of Sriracha aioli, but if you're feeling crazy, you can order it "Johnny style" with Groundswell's pimento cheese spread and bacon. That's right, bacon on a veggie burger. The salty, smoky bacon only enhances what the burger already has going for it, and the spicy, creamy cheese spread kicks the decadence up a notch.

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Groundswell Coffee

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