100 Favorite Dishes: No. 17, The Rookery's Egg

The simple, yet luxurious, egg at The Rookery

The simple, yet luxurious, egg at The Rookery

The folks at the Rookery and Travail are well known and highly regarded for using high-end tech to give each dish a unique, playful quality. But the Rookery's egg is proof that these guys bring more to the table than just fancy equipment. This dish is a testament to how beautiful, classic cookery can take a simple ingredient and transform it into something far greater than the sum of its parts.

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A few naysayers have questioned the Travailians' kitchen know-how, suggesting that they rely too heavily on gimmicky technology to create their food. Let this dish silence the haters with its incredibly simple, skillful homage to classical technique. 

The egg shell has its cap removed so that the rest of the shell serves as a serving vessel. The egg itself is cooked just enough to retain its own buttery sauce, which is then accented by earthy flecks of truffle, creating a perfect balance of flavor. Ringing in at $3, this is an accessible way to experience classic French cookery at its finest.

As much as we love the adventurous and creative food that the folks at the Rookery are putting out, we also love to see classic dishes prepared perfectly. With this egg dish, the Rookery proves they can indeed walk the walk.

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