100 Favorite Dishes: No. 11, Brunch cart goodies at the Bachelor Farmer

A hangover may be knocking on your door, but the brunch cart soothes all ills

A hangover may be knocking on your door, but the brunch cart soothes all ills

As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2014, coming April 16, the Hot Dish is serving up 100 of our favorite local dishes
Pay no mind to the length of the line when you arrive on the Bachelor Farmer's doorstep bright and early Sunday morning. Sure, there may be a few souls ahead of you and your stomach might be teetering ever so dangerously on the edge of angry hunger pangs, but the second you step inside and are greeted by the just-cheerful-enough hostess, you know you will be well cared for. Moments after you settle into your seat, the room buzzing with chatter, the brunch cart will arrive, heralded by a subtle wheel squeak and the clink of sparkling champagne bottles. Salvation is near and the day is about to kick off in spectacular fashion.

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The Bachelor Farmer brunch cart is piled high with pastries including dark-chocolate delights, savory scones, cream puffs filled with pastry cream, canisters laden with pastel-colored macarons, and the chestnut-colored beauty pictured above. Barely sweetened dough is folded over and upon itself and flecked with black cardamom seeds. The entire bun is then given a light shellac of crunchy glaze. It's buttery and sweet enough to get your mouth watering, but held in check by that beautiful spice perfume.

The brunch cart selection changes weekly, but stocks everything you need to kick off a leisurely brunch, without leaving an eater stuffed before the full meal begins. After all, there's still that brunch menu, not to mention the cocktail list, to get to. But it's this humble little red trolley that saves us from the rumbling in the tummy that threatens to throw a perfectly good weekend directly off course.

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