100 Favorite Dishes: No. 1, Parlour's burger

Welcome to the home of happiness.

Welcome to the home of happiness.

As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2014, coming April 16, the Hot Dish has been serving up 100 of our favorite local dishes. Now it's time to grab your tickets to the Best of the Twin Cities party on April 24 at Muse. Enjoy complimentary samples from some of the city's best eateries, drink specials, live music, and more. Click here to purchase, and we'll see you there!

That's right. The number one spot on our 100 Favorite Dishes list goes to a hamburger. Don't be fooled by its humble appearance. Between these two toasty buns lies the single best bite of meat and cheese you may ever experience.

On its surface, a burger might seem like an easy dish to execute, but it's the simplicity of this American classic that can make things tricky. Every detail is an opportunity for something to go wrong. With the burger at Parlour, however, the chefs get absolutely every morsel oh so right.

We already knew that we could order some of the best cocktails in the Twin Cities at this basement bar below Borough, but Parlour's simple, short menu received a major upgrade when they decided to swap out their last burger (which was good) for this new, streamlined version. 

The bun is toasted on both sides, the top of the bun taking on a bit of crispness and the interior getting a crust sturdy enough to stand up to the juicy meat. That bun is then topped with two beef patties and layered with white, gooey cheese. A few house-made pickles are served alongside.

That's it. There are no foams or chef trickery. This is just a pure, unadulterated, grill-kissed wonder. As you bite into the Parlour burger, all those wonderfully fatty juices are released and the cheese seems to double then triple in quantity as it oozes forth, clinging to the meat. Just when it gets to be too decadent, too much wonderful fat and crust and salt and butter, there are those perfectly brined pickles to bring a fresh snap and tartness to the mix.

It's enough to leave us flabbergasted. As much as we love to wax poetic about our meals, and pick apart every detail, this dish is simple perfection.

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