100 Favorite Dishes: Moussaka at Gardens of Salonica

As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2010, coming this spring, Hot Dish is serving up a hundred of our favorite local dishes. Send your own nominations to [email protected]

I like to think of moussaka as the Greek version of lasagna: layers and layers of comfort. And the one at the airy Gardens of Salonica does a bang-up job for a winter warm-up with its mushy strata of eggplant, sweetly spiced ground beef, and bechamel on top. You'd do well to cut through its rich creaminess with a bowl of lemony avogolemano soup and a glass of Greece's famous resin-y wine, Retsina, too.

Hungry for more? The dishes in our countdown thus far are linked below:

No. 100: Volcano Salad at Tiger Sushi No. 99 Eclair at Butter

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