10 Things You Need to Know in Local Dining This Week

Prairie Dogs is now open late, until midnight every night. So let Pliny the Elder ease you into morning with a booze-absorbent foie dog.

Prairie Dogs is now open late, until midnight every night. So let Pliny the Elder ease you into morning with a booze-absorbent foie dog.

Bust out the calendar for this one, and the big red sharpie, and the pocketbook. There's lots of good stuff to see, do, eat, drink, and buy this week and all summer. Here are 10 we like.

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Unideli at United Noodle is now brewing its own Kombucha. Do you drink Kombucha? I drink A LOT of Kombucha. And I'm no foodbabe, so I'm not going to be dishing out nutritional advice on this here blog, but this stuff is wonder juice! Feeling a little hungover? A little tired? A little funky? Drink Kombucha. The little microbes in your gut that make you who you are seem to love it, and suddenly, you're a little less funky. It's exciting to see more and more local guys brewing it. Evidently it's a pretty big hassle to get licensing to make it on a large scale because Kombucha is a fermentation and the powers that be get all up in arms about fermentation. Unideli's got a master tea brewer on staff, Dan Prentice, and his flavors are completely different -- things like lychee, yuzu pear, and spicy tomato. It's not available in growlers yet, but will be soon. Get it in single serve for now.

Anthony Bourdain is coming to town! He's coming July 24 to the State Theatre. Tickets are pretty steep at $75 to $95. The last time he came to town he performed at the much smaller venues of the Triple Rock and Solera. But he's big time now, in case you hadn't heard. He's always entertaining, a really good storyteller, and he likes a good Negroni, so be sure to send him one if you go.

Fogo de Chao is giving away a free meal again. Bring your mother to brunch or dinner on Sunday, May 10, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and she will get a gift card for a complimentary future lunch or dinner. Neat, huh? You don't even have to go shopping -- ma doesn't need another bottle of Jean Nate after-bath splash anyway. Meat's a better bet.

Bloomington is getting a new steakhouse. And, right on trend, they'll have crudo! But also steak and pasta. But that's not their real claim to fame. Wait for it.... Lela will have "Le" or "La" before all the menu items. So you'll feel as cool as you do when you're forced to order a "Venti" latte. How continental. Opens in June at 5601 W. 78th St. in Bloomington. For more info, visit (website still under construction).

Prairie Dogs Sausages is now open late: every day until midnight. A few of their menu items perfect for soaking up booze: Spicy Lamb Merquez (harissa lamb sausage, feta, and piquillo peppers), the Reu-Bun (a corned beef sausage, Russian dressing, kraut, and farmstead Swiss), the Saucy Pig (pulled pork, slaw, and crisp onions on a snappy hot dog) and Pliny the Elder (duck fat fried hot dog, currant apple relish, and foie gras).

One Two Three Sushi is opening a third location in downtown Minneapolis, in the skyway of U.S. Bank Plaza, 220 S. Sixth St. If you like the Chipotlezation of food, this place is for you. Choose what you want in your rolls, and they'll make it just like that, right in front of your eyes. They'll also be offering new rice bowls, with choice of brown, white, or ginger scallion-seasoned rice, choice of vegetable and protein -- teriyaki chicken, pork belly, and katsu pork or chicken. Finish it with a choice of one of three new rice bowl sauces.

Chef Seth Bixby Dauherty has worked tirelessly for the cause of eliminating childhood hunger in Minnesota as well as improving school lunches. In fact, he left a promising and lucrative career as an executive chef to do just that. So won't you help him in the plight? The Thursday, May 14 Flavor event at Muse Event Center raises money to connect kids in need to effective nutrition programs and teaches low-income families to cook healthy affordable meals. The event offers tastings and mixology from Murray's, Pizza Luce, Summit Brewing, and lots of others. $45, and tickets are still available.

Do you still not get tea? Like currency, spices, and dog breeds, there is a whole world of them, and there is just so much to know! Get a little primer on Darjeeling, some of the most expensive teas in the world. Why is it so spendy? You'll have to go to the thing to find out: Sunday, May 10, two big-time tea experts, Rajiv Locan and Bill Waddington will serve a tea tasting and educational experience at Tea Source Roseville for just $15. For reservations, call 651-788-9971.

Internationally acclaimed cookbook author Deborah Madison will be presenting at the University of Minnesota on May 5. She's worked at Chez Panisse, she founded of one of the nation's first farm-to-table restaurants, Greens in San Francisco, and she's an early and serious proponent of vegetarian cooking. The presentation includes dishes inspired by Madison's menus. Tickets still available.

It's a little early, but if you're one of those bacon-ophiles who has a bacon wallet, a bacon clock, and bacon sizzling in your pan right now, you'll want this one on your calendar. The River Falls Bacon Bash on September 19 and 20 is a "Celebration of All Things Bacon" including a bacon costume contest, eating contests, and you know, bacon, bacon, bacon. The event is the third annual, only this one marks the first year that they've been selected to be a 2015 Super Qualifier Elite Event for the World Food Championships, the largest and richest food competition in the world of Food Sport. Which means: "Culinary champs from all walks of life, from professional chefs to home cooks, will have the chance to compete in one of four culinary competitions: Bacon, Sandwich, Chili or Dessert. This year's competition, to be held on Saturday, September 19, will feature up to 100 competitors facing off for glory, where 12 competitors will earn their way into the 2015 WFC main event in Kissimmee, Florida to compete against the world's best and a piece of the $300,000 prize purse."

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