10 Reasons Minneapolis Should Have a Dog Cafe

Last week, downtown Los Angeles hosted the city's very first dog cafe. The cafe opened as a pop-up from January 22-25, serving a simple menu of coffee, tea, and the overwhelming inner peace one can only achieve while holding a puppy in a tiny sweatshirt. Organizers hope to turn it into a full-time dog cafe once they reach their funding goals.

So should the Twin Cities follow suit? Is that even a question?

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The felicitously named Sarah Wolfgang is the wizard behind this dog cafe concept. She told L.A. Weekly, "The Dog Cafe's mission is simple. We want to provide a second chance for shelter dogs that are often overlooked. The Dog Cafe is going to put a spin on the way people adopt by totally reinventing the way we connect with homeless dogs."

For health and safety reasons, Wolfgang's cafe would be divided into two sections. Customers order in one room, where drinks are prepped, and then take their coffee or tea into the next room, where pups are free to roam. There, patrons would be able to pet, cuddle, and play with adoptable dogs from local shelters.

Minneapolis is consistently ranked one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country and is also home to a thriving local coffeeshop scene. We boldly predict a strong market for a hot cuppa something and a pooch to pet. Still not convinced? Consider the following:

1. Tiny dogs in tiny sweatshirts giving tiny kisses.

Need we say more? No, we need not.

2. You can hone the enviable skill of holding multiple dogs at a time.

You could get, like, really good at it.

3. Regular cafes have too much personal space.

Aren't we always saying that our fellow coffeeshop patrons are too far away? Come closer, friend! (Not you, Roger. You stay in that corner by the crumpled newspapers and the bathroom.)

4. If coffeeshops are "penny universities," then dogs get to be the professors.

There is so much wisdom in your eyes. Would you like more peanut butter, professor?

5. It's a chance to grow your Instagram following.

You know what gets followers? Dogs. All kinds of dogs. You don't need a social media guru. You need dogs.

6. You can wear your Doggy Bjorn in peace.

No judgment here, brother. We know there's no bond like the bond between a man and his puppy papoose.

7. You can come in your scruffiest attire.

Think you need to shave or change out of your slippers to come to the dog cafe? This dog is basically made of scruff. His favorite shoes? Slippers. It's almost too perfect for words.

8. The entertainment is gratis.

No, we don't want your poetry open mic. We want dogs. This pup is performing the final scene of Madame Butterfly. Just stunning.

9. No one will mind if you take a nap.

That screenplay you're working on is ruff stuff (LOL) so if you need to take a siesta, this guy's not gonna stop you.

10. You can take home a best friend.

Drain your coffee mug, let out a satisfied "ahhh," and then adopt your own rootin' tootin' piece of work on four legs. Scrappy and small, big and dopey, mid-sized and mild-mannered -- every ilk and iteration of man's best friend will be there, ready to be your most faithful companion. You can have a cup of coffee with your new pup every single day. And that's the best reason of all.

Seriously, come on...

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