10 places where we should be able to drink but can’t

Definitely the Sculpture Garden. Also: public parks in general.

Definitely the Sculpture Garden. Also: public parks in general. Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune

There were just a few ground rules during those storied bashes at Prince's manse: no phones, no photography, no meat, and, famously, no drinking.

That's held true since the Purple One's passing in 2016, but it could change soon. Paisley Park has applied for a permit that'll let 'em serve booze for a Super Bowl party, a matter Chanhassen City Council will take up at its next meeting.

Naturally, this news got City Pages staffers thinking. We're always more than happy to spice up (some would say sully) an otherwise pleasant outing with our drinking -- what are a few other places that could be vastly improved by adding alcohol? (Then that got us thinking: Man, what places couldn't be vastly improved by adding alcohol?)

Kidding! Sort of!

Anyway, what follows is a list of spots throughout the Twin Cities that would be just a little bit better if they served beer. Or at least let you BYO.

U of M's Williams Arena, Mariucci Arena (sorry, "3M Arena at Mariucci")
It should be illegal not to serve alcohol in a hockey stadium, actually.

State parks
“A cool thing about state parks is you can totally drink in them, it’s just not allowed,” a fellow CP editor cheerily informed me when I pitched this story. So there’s that! (Just take those empties out with you, okay? Our anti-littering stance is every bit as staunch as our pro-drinking-in-public stance.)

You know what? Screw it. Parks. In general.
Something that goes very well with a picnic in the park is a bottle of wine. Something you can't legally have with a picnic in the park is a bottle of wine. Messed! Up!

Lagoon Cinema
Spare us all the indecency of barking out a halfhearted, blatantly phony cough as we attempt to mask the cracking of smuggled-in Grain Belt tabs. Please.

Downtown Minneapolis
You agree to transform a portion of downtown Hennepin into party central à la Bourbon Street, and we agree to start calling it WeDo for... at least a week. Deal?

Cafes with free WiFi
Not, like, all of them, but it would be nice to have at least a few more places like Muddy Waters or Common Roots or Studio 2, you know? Chill spots where the WiFi’s free and the coffee’s good, and where when you decide to switch to beer at whatever hour you see fit, the taps are well-curated, and no one shoots you side-eye for having your laptop out at the bar.

Cub Foods
Allow me to introduce you to a grocer in Missouri -- Lucky's -- with a revolutionary program called "sip and stroll" that lets you order a pint for 2 bucks, plop it in your cart's cup holder, and drink while you shop. That's a world I want to live in. And just think how many more salty snacks Cub would sell!

I know the Barnes & Noble in Edina has booze, but I'm talking about the indies: your Magers and Quinns, your Moon Palaces. Boston has Trident, there's Atomic Books in Baltimore, Denver's got BookBar... there are killer indie bookstores here; the only thing that could make them better is if they served killer cocktails to boot.

The Bell Museum of Natural History
Planetariums are great when you’re stoned (we, uh, hear), but what's that intergalactic display like when you're a bit buzzed? Only one way to find out: Put in a bar at the new St. Paul campus!

Dog parks
Oh, so I can bring my dog to the taproom but I can’t bring the taproom to my dog?