10 memorable McDonald's discontinued menu items

Ever try an Onion Nugget?

Ever try an Onion Nugget?

As we researched this week's cover story on Buffalo wings, we stumbled across all kinds of fun facts--including some fast-food products that were flash-in-the-pan ideas, or generally ill-advised. Perhaps some of these blasts from the past even made an appearance in your childhood. Here are the 10 most memorable Mickey D's discontinued menu items:

Maharaja Mac Since beef isn't popular in India, McDonald's introduced the Maharaja Mac--a Bic Mac made with mutton and a spicy sauce. It was discontinued, but the Chicken Maharaja Mac is still around.

Beef Wennington Only offered during 1998 and 1999, the Beef Wennington was named after Chicago Bulls basketball player Bill Wennington. The burger had a single beef patty, cheese, onions, barbecue sauce, and a slice of Canadian bacon.

Hulaburger Ray Kroc invented the Hulaburger for Catholics not allowed to eat meat on Fridays during Lent. Instead of a beef patty, the sandwich had a grilled pineapple. The Hulaburger was test-marketed in 1963.

Onion Nuggets They're just like chicken nuggets. Only onion. Onion Nuggets were onions chopped into small pieces, dipped in batter and fried. Yum.


McPizza How could a pizza not be popular? Well, it just wasn't. McDonald's has tried pizzas at various times, including personal pizzas in the 1970s near Milwaukee and Madison, and traditional-style pizzas in Indiana and Kentucky. Now pizza is sold only at three Mickey D's: in Orlando, Florida; Spencer, West Virginia; and New Haven, Connecticut.

McHotDog We're not exactly sure when and where, but at one point...McDonald's sold dogs. We do know that in the early 1990s, Mickey D's sold Johnsonville brats.

Salad Shakers One of Mickey D's few offerings for the health-conscious, salad shakers came in a cute yogurt-type container. They were introduced in the summer of 1998 and are still available in Brazil.

Chicken Fajitas We wish these were still around! Chicken Fajitas had grilled veggies and chicken on a soft tortilla. They're still served in some Canada locations.

McDLT McDonald's Lettuce and Tomato was simply a burger in novel--but incredibly environmentally-unfriendly--Styrofoam packaging. Introduced in 1984, the meat and cheese and the bottom half of the bun went into one side of a two-part styrofoam burger holder, and the lettuce, tomato and bun topper in the other. Guests could put the two halves together so that the lettuce didn't get prematurely soggy. It went away in January 1991 because it's bad for the planet.

McWraps Another healthy blast from the past: Chicken Caesar, Chicken, and Garden Salad wraps served on thick herb flat bread. In this ad in German, the Golden Arches has them in even more flavors.

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