Water and Sewer Utilities

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    June 4, 2014
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    June 4, 2014
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    March 26, 2014
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    December 25, 2013
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    January 10, 2013

    North Loop water main that broke last week was installed in 1891 and looks like it [PHOTO]

    The City of Minneapolis' official Facebook page yesterday posted the above photo of the North Loop water main that broke last week, spilling 14 million gallons of water onto downtown streets and disrupting water service in the area for days.SEE ALSO:-- Downtown Mpls water main break: No poop in the ... More >>

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    January 3, 2013

    Downtown Mpls water main break: No poop in the North Loop

    Around 2:30 this afternoon, contractors working on a development project at Hennepin Avenue and North 2nd Street nailed a 36-inch water main responsible for bringing water to much of the City of Lakes, disrupting water service and rush-hour traffic and flooding a portion of the North Loop.SEE ALSO: ... More >>

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    June 23, 2009

    Virginia, Minn. was 'Queer City' after water tower prank

    It's likely the city of Virginia, Minn. is already done repainting their prized water tower back to its original name, but for some time this weekend, the town was all queer.

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    October 2, 2008

    10/2 Photo of the Day: Witch's Hat

    When the temperature drops and the leaves morph, there is no better place to enjoy the season than a visit to the Witch ... More >>

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    October 12, 2005

    2005 Wine & Dine Guide: The World in a Bottle

    If 40 distributors each work with between 30 and 200 chateaus, bodegas, collectives, estates, wineries, or what have you--how many separate bottlings are available in Minnesota?

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    March 19, 2003

    The Dream Factory

    For nearly forty years, a strange German couple has been photographing the great gray ghosts of 20th-century industry. But it's not so easy to see the "monumentary" in your own backyard.

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    March 10, 1999
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    July 1, 1998

    From Minneapolis, With Love

    Hennepin County wants to dump its incinerator ash in the metro's "environmental Bermuda triangle"

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    October 8, 1997

    Fish Boil

    The state plans to kill all the fish in two Anoka County lakes to rid them of pesky carp. Area residents, however, are less than thrilled with the idea of helicopters spreading poison near their homes.

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    July 30, 1997

    Sewer Politics

    According to a city report released just weeks before the July floods, Minneapolis will have to come up with more than $100 million a year for the next 25 years to fix its crumbling streets and sewers--or face much worse.