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    January 10, 2012

    It's election night in Minneapolis

    Cleveland LeaderTwo special elections for legislative seats happen tonight in Minneapolis. ‚Äč"Election 2012" doesn't just refer to November 6.Ready or not, two Minnesota legislative seats, both in Minneapolis, are actually up for grabs tonight. One is House District 61B, which includes the south Mi ... More >>

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    March 3, 2010
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    October 7, 2009
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    November 23, 2005

    A Little Help from Their Friends

    Pro-development faction on park board got big 11th-hour financial help

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    October 27, 2005

    Redistricting MPLS: How it really went down

    With less than two weeks before a citywide election cycle culminates in Minneapolis, it's clear that the new ward boundaries that go into effect in January still loom large in this year's campaigns.

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    September 7, 2005

    A Bluff on the River

    Is the Minneapolis Park Board considering selling a prime parcel on the Mississippi?

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    June 22, 2005

    Drop the Pamphlet and Put Your Hands Over Your Head

    Park Board pissing match leads to 911 call

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    October 20, 2004

    Over the River and Through the Woods

    In northeast, the Green Party attempts a long pub crawl to the state house

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    October 31, 2001

    The Education of Sharon Sayles Belton

    No party endorsement, a disastrous primary, and an opponent who attracts wealthy liberals: Can Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton revive her reelection campaign?

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    March 15, 2000

    Hell on Wheels

    From small-town Lois Lane to south Minneapolis waitress to city-hall power broker: Lisa McDonald has come a long way. Now is she ready to go full throttle?

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    August 25, 1999

    The Mean Grass of Holmes

    Another turf battle in another city park

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    September 23, 1998

    Surrender, or Else

    Corcoran neighborhood rebels rise up against the Minneapolis Park Board

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    September 16, 1998

    Political Theater

    The Guthrie's search for new digs casts the company in a Minneapolis development drama

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    January 14, 1998

    Snuffed Out

    Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton praised fired fire chief Tom Dickinson for "bringing professionalism and racial diversity to the Fire Department," as if minority hires had been prompted by a sense of fairness rather than contempt-of-court citations and whopper

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    December 10, 1997
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    October 29, 1997

    The Show Must Go On

    Orpheum Theatre Manager Fred Krohn has a contract with the city requiring that he book only union shows. Yet when he brought in the non-Equity 42nd St., the city looked the other way.

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    September 3, 1997

    Sign Language

    "Name recognition is key," says Steve Clift, director of Democracies Online. Compared to campaigns in other parts of the United States, he contends that graphically the Twin Cities are still in the stick-figure stage.

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    August 13, 1997

    Notes of a Native Son

    For an immigrant kid from Northeast, Walt Dziedzic did all right for himself. His proudest accomplishment? That he never forgot where he came from.

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    July 30, 1997

    Sewer Politics

    According to a city report released just weeks before the July floods, Minneapolis will have to come up with more than $100 million a year for the next 25 years to fix its crumbling streets and sewers--or face much worse.

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    July 16, 1997

    What Makes Barbara Run

    Would-be-mayor Barbara Carlson means to make Minneapolis everything she has always imagined it to be.

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    April 2, 1997

    Riverfront Double Play

    Developer and Sports Facilities Commissioner Peggy Lucas pursues both a new ballpark and upscale condos

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    March 12, 1997
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    February 26, 1997

    Mr. FixIt

    Minneapolis Police Chief Bob Olson came to town with a reputation for pleasing pols and infuriating cops. And he's surpassed himself on both counts.

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    September 18, 1996


    For 17 years Larry Blackwell has been incurring the wrath of Minneapolis officials in his position as city affirmative action director.

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    September 4, 1996

    A Changing of the Guard?

    Retiring pols and a shifting could change the of politics on Minneapolis's long-entrenched north side.

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    May 15, 1996
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    April 17, 1996
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    January 10, 1996
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    November 15, 1995

    Swept Away

    The likely demolition of over 700 public housing units in north Minneapolis will scatter people who live there and open up 73 acres of prime real estate at downtown's edge. Is it a matter of civic renewal or a land grab?

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    November 8, 1995
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    November 1, 1995

    Separate But Equal

    "Neighborhood schools" are coming to Minneapolis packaged with talk of responsibility and community empowerment. But the bottom line is that the age of integrating public schools is over.