Vincent Gracieux

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    December 7, 2005

    The Year in Theater

    The Greeks, the geeks, the freaks, the dualistic representations of the Argentine distaff underclass--all the best of Twin Cities drama circa 2005

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    September 28, 2005

    Spotlight: Antigone

    The kids are all right in Sophocles tragedy

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    June 15, 2005

    Bad Produce

    'Lettice and Lovage' turns into a tour through tedium

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    December 4, 2002

    The Year in Theater

    In Praise of Murderous Hookers, Heroic Zoroastrians, and the Ghosts of Garage Sales Storm. Plus: We viciously slag off the Andrews sisters and an embarrassing Wonder Woman costume!

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    May 22, 2002

    What's Black and White and Red All Over?

    'The Nuns' tumbles into a rave review

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    February 21, 2001

    High Spirits

    A 19th-century comedy and a few steins of swill make for a midwinter night's bender

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    December 13, 2000

    The Year in Theater

    The best and worst of 150 nights spent in a dark room. Plus: Dramatic hypotheses, and thespians speak out.

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    October 18, 2000

    The Diva of talk

    Too loud, too opinionated, too brash. Few thought Katherine Lanpher could revive Minnesota Public Radio's sagging Midmorning. WRONG!

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    June 7, 2000

    Look Who's Coming to Dinner

    Chez Pierre serves a feast of comic clowning; Leitmotif's cast makes the most of dramatic table scraps

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    December 15, 1999
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    June 9, 1999

    Daily Bread, Humble Pie

    Theatre de la Jeune Lune's The Golem shapes a feast from clay; Guthrie Lab's Sweeney Todd makes mincemeat of paupers

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    March 3, 1999

    Strangers to Kindness

    A gloomy Tartuffe celebrates the end of sincerity; A Streetcar Named Desire sets off for the other side of the tracks

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    November 25, 1998
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    October 22, 1997

    Declaration of Independence

    Theatre de la Jeune Lune's The Pursuit of Happiness is a trip to the dark side of the moon.

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    May 15, 1996