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    May 15, 2014

    Medical marijuana smoking ban would essentially be enforced on honor system

    As a conference committee tries to hash out (pardon the pun) a medical marijuana compromise, one issue that's already been agreed upon is that Minnesota's medical marijuana system won't allow patients to actually smoke marijuana. The House bill doesn't even allow patients to get their hands on plant ... More >>

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    January 29, 2014

    When will medical marijuana be legal in Minnesota?

    An unlikely coalition stands poised to fight for legalization of the natural remedy

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    November 8, 2013

    Dayton administration blasts Kurt Zellers over sex offender controversy

    As we covered earlier this week (link directly below), the possible release of serial rapist Thomas Duvall from the state's sex offender facility in Moose Lake is a highly controversial issue.THE BACKSTORY: Mark Dayton, Lori Swanson disagree about whether serial rapist should be releasedOn one hand, ... More >>

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    June 26, 2013

    Mark Dayton has some tough talk for Virginia and those damn Confederates

    During yesterday's Capitol sendoff for a group of Minnesota Civil War reenactors who are headed to Pennsylvania to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg, Governor Mark Dayton said it would basically take another civil war for Virginia to reclaim a Confederate flag that was seized by Minnes ... More >>

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    March 19, 2013

    North Dakota moving to ban all abortions with "personhood" bills

    North Dakota is establishing itself as the most anti-abortion state in the nation with "personhood" bills that are working their way through the GOP-dominated Legislature.SEE ALSO: North Dakota Capitol reporters repeatedly warned about wearing revealing clothing If either of the measures are ultimat ... More >>

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    April 10, 2012

    MNGOP: 'No state party may be in worse financial shape,' writes Politico

    Late last year, the MNGOP announced that it was a whopping $2 million in debt.The party's dire financial predicament led to Tony Sutton's resignation as the chair of the party. Sutton was replaced by Pat Shortridge, but the damage was already done, according to a Politico analysis of the balance she ... More >>

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    December 1, 2011

    Gov. Scott Walker: Recall election is likely

    It's been little more than two weeks since foes of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker began petitioning for a recall, and they've already surpassed 300,000 signatures -- more than half of the 540,000 needed by the January 17 deadline. If they keep progressing at this pace, a recall election will be inevit ... More >>

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    November 3, 2011

    Vikings stadium won't get a special session

    This stadium will have to wait until the legislature's New Year's hangover wears off.​The Minnesota Vikings are, putting it kindly, not a very special football team right now. Fittingly, the team won't get a special session from the legislature to rule on its new stadium(s?), and will have to wait ... More >>

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    October 5, 2011

    Rick Perry's "Texas miracle" is a fantasy

    The GOP presidential candidate's claims don't hold up

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    July 7, 2011

    Business as usual for state GOP during shutdown, including salaries

    Tony Sutton will still get paid during the shutdown.​With Gov. Mark Dayton and a slew of legislators not taking their paychecks during the state government shutdown, City Pages thought it would check up on the state political parties. Eleven of the 14 state senators skipping their salary are Repub ... More >>

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    June 22, 2011

    Minnesotans blame Legislature, Dayton equally for shut down

    ​Throwing cold water on claims of popular support by both the Republicans running the Legislature, and DFL Gov. Mark Dayton, Minnesotans in a new poll are blaming both sides equally for the budget battle that may force a state government shutdown. They also largely disapprove of the job the L ... More >>

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    June 10, 2011

    Countdown to government shutdown: Who's to blame?

    Minnesota lawmakers have until July 1 to get it together.​As of today, the Minnesota Legislature is two-and-a-half weeks tardy in solving the state's $5 billion budget deficit. Unfortunately for everyone, there doesn't appear to be a budget deal in sight. If no agreement is made by July 1st, ... More >>

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    June 7, 2011

    Wisconsin Republicans' fake Democrats exposed

    Gov. Scott Walker's allies get caught in a dirty trick.​A number of Wisconsin Republicans are still trying to figure out how to survive the PR debacle birthed by their public employee union busting legislation earlier this year. One of the upshots is a series of recall drives being launched agains ... More >>

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    April 23, 2011

    Most Wisconsin voters don't believe Gov. Scott Walker's union talk

    Walker's even lost the zombie vote.​He's a hero to tea partiers, but Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker keeps getting bad news from statewide polls. The latest survey finds that just 31 percent of folks in Wisconsin have apparently bought into his line that he wants to strip public employees of thei ... More >>

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    April 22, 2011

    Katherine Windels ordered to stop threatening Wisconsin Republicans

    Katherine Windels got carried away.​There's no doubt that pro- and anti-union forces used almost every trick in the book during the assembly battle over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's bill to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights. But while there was a lot of shouting, scre ... More >>

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    April 12, 2011

    Kathy Nickolaus refuses to resign over Wisconsin election screw up

    Kathy Nickolaus admits she screwed up, but says she won't resign.​Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus appears to have been exposed as either a ham-fisted political hack, or simply incompetent. Or maybe it's both. But just because she flipped a much-watched Wisconsin Supreme Court election i ... More >>

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    March 10, 2011

    Scott Walker wins: Wisconsin Republicans through union-busting bill [UPDATE]

    Sue Peacock/FlickrLet the recall efforts begin.​Republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly finally dropped all pretenses about Gov. Scott Walker's union-busting bill having anything to do with balancing the state's budget. Wednesday night, with 14 Democrats still on the lam trying to block a vote, the ... More >>

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    March 7, 2011

    Scott Walker tanking in another Wisconsin poll [UPDATE]

    Scott Walker is falling in the polls.​There's more bad poll news for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who insists he's going to stand firm in his budget battle to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights. Rasmussen Reports is out with a new survey of Wisconsin voters showing that ... More >>

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    March 7, 2011

    Scott Walker called to the border by 14 Wisconsin Democrats [UPDATE]

    Mark RiechersIt's not dead yet.​Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been invited to the Illinois state line for a face-to-face meeting with some of the 14 Democratic state senators who won't give Republicans the quorum needed to pass their union-busting bill. A showdown now that Walker's tanking in t ... More >>

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    March 2, 2011

    Scott Walker defends union busting, gutting public school spending

    Walker defends his budget.​Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker stood before Wisconsin lawmakers yesterday, defended his union busting tactics against public workers, and then announced he wanted to gouge $1.5 billion out of the state's public school and local government aid spending. If he keeps this ... More >>

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    March 1, 2011

    Wisconsin senate Democrats getting homesick, Republican says

    Sen. Scott Fitzgerald says some of the 14 Democrats want to come home.​As long as 14 Wisconsin Senate Democrats stay on the lam, GOP Gov. Scott Walker can't push his controversial union busting bill through the Legislature. So he threatened again today to start laying off 1,500 public sector ... More >>

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    February 28, 2011

    Tim Pawlenty second in Arizona tea party poll

    Matt VisionquestTim Pawlenty, tea party hero​All his threats about pushing gays back into the closet, shutting down the federal government, busting unions, and insulting the president seem to finally be paying off for Tim Pawlenty. He keynoted a steeped-in-tea confab over the weekend in Arizona c ... More >>

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    February 17, 2011

    Surly asks fans for help changing laws

    Surly asks for help to get dream brewery approval​When Surly Brewing Company announced plans for a new $20-million brewery complex last week the Twin Cities beer world exploded with excitement. This wasn't going to be just any brewery; this was going to be a "destination brewery" complete with ... More >>

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    December 8, 2010

    Tom Emmer concedes governor's race to Mark Dayton [UPDATE]

    Tom Emmer says it's time to move on.​Given the steady drip, drip, drip of his failed ballot challenges and dead-end legal maneuvers since Election Day, it almost seems anticlimactic that Republican Tom Emmer has finally concluded that his race for governor is lost. A lot of GOP insiders, and ... More >>

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    December 1, 2010

    Jeremy Giefer, accused child molester, got Pawlenty pardon to open childcare center

    City PagesJeremy Giefer, the sex offender now accused of molesting his daughter, was pardoned by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.​Jeremy Giefer served time in jail in 1994 for having sex with a 14-year-old girl. But you wouldn't know it to look at the record of the man now charged with sexually mo ... More >>

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    October 11, 2010

    Margaret Anderson Kelliher no longer to be unemployed

    Nick VlcekMAK attack on the technology industry.​Margaret Anderson Kelliher will not be unemployed come January. The outgoing Minnesota House Speaker landed a job as president of the Minnesota High Tech Association, a non-profit that advocates for the state's technology industry.

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    July 22, 2010

    Slug endorses Matt Entenza for governor

    The Matt Entenza gubernatorial campaign has been full of WTF moments. Remember, this is the guy who picked a FOX 9 news anchor/jewelry entrepreneur to be his running mate. Then there was that false report that the Minnesota faction of the National Organization for Women endorsed Entenza over Marga ... More >>

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    June 29, 2010

    Satveer Chaudhary stripped of DFL backing over fishy vote

    Photo: Minnesota SenateThe senator won special fishing protections for a lake at which he owns a cabin​So state Sen. Satveer Chaudhary gets language inserted into an omnibus game and fish bill in the waning days of the legislative session in St. Paul; he wants additional measures to protect th ... More >>

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    March 3, 2010

    Drinking Liberally pairs progressive politics and a social hour

    Minnesota's chapter meets weekly and launched in 2004

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    March 30, 2009

    Bachmann donates to NY stimulus-evader

    Rep. Michele Bachmann gave $1,000 to Ted Tedisco, the Republican New York legislator vying for the Congressional slot left open in recent shuffling of New York politicians.

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    March 9, 2009

    Gov. Pawlenty's office budget total? It's hidden all over the place

    If you're interested in knowing how much it costs for Gov. Tim Pawlenty to run his office and pay his staff members, you won't find those totals in one place. Pawlenty's office has been doing a nifty trick to look frugal.

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    March 6, 2009

    Pawlenty's approval rating on the decline

    In the latest poll about Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's job performance, his approval rating hit the lowest level since October 2006.

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    February 4, 2009

    Minn. DFL bill would seat Franken provisionally

    Minnesota Democrats have introduced a bill in the state Legislature that would seat Al Franken provisionally while the election contest is underway.

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    December 22, 2008
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    November 6, 2008

    Coleman lead update: down to 337

    Things keep looking better for Franken.

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    May 12, 2008

    VP Pawlenty Watch: More likely to get love from McCain than Mrs. Pawlenty

    Speculation on a McCain/Pawlenty ticket continues as governor confesses that his wife won't sleep with hi ... More >>

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    February 13, 2008

    Suspecting Fraud, NY Attorney General Investigates United Health Care

    New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced today that he has opened an investigation into whether Minneapolis-based United Health Care, the nation's largest health insurer, has been fleecing patients ... More >>

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    March 8, 2007

    And the Strib Departures Commence

    The subscription-only newsletter Politics in Minnesota is reporting that Star Tribune veteran Dane Smith has taken a buyout: Remember that fascinating story about the state's two most powerful interest groups, Education Minnesota and the Taxpayers League? That was vintage Dane Smith. He excelled ... More >>

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    November 9, 2006

    Senate Democrats choose Pogemiller

    Choice of longtime Tax Committee Chair to be Senate Majority Leader signals DFL willingness to challenge Gov. Pawlenty on tax policy. ... More >>

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    October 19, 2006

    Don't get ahead of yourself there, Sandy

    blotter burt 101906.gif
    Sandy Burt is a nurse practitioner, a globetrotting missionary, and a local volunteer in her neighborhood of N ... More >>

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    October 17, 2006

    Otto bags Arne's endorsement

    Former Republican Governor Carlson believes incumbent Republican Auditor Pat Anderson has "lost" the independence of the office. A similar charge was levied yesterday by another retired official against Republican Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer.

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    August 31, 2006

    Campaign cash: Auditing the auditor candidates

    Challenger Rebecca Otto has raised more--and has more money--than incumbent state auditor Pat Anderson

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    August 18, 2006

    The Unmaking of a Pawlenty Voter

    For Ron Peterson, the veteran boxing promoter from Mounds View, no word carries more sting than "liberal." He ascribes most of the world's ills to liberals. When he wants to convey disgust and garden variety invective fails him, he will usually deploy some variation of the L word.

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    June 7, 2006

    Is it a whiter shade of green--or a vegan sausage party?

    After the Green Party of Minnesota held its convention in Duluth last weekend, three candidates for statewide office walked away with endorsements: Ken Pentel (the veteran Green organi ... More >>

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    June 1, 2006

    Kelley next among DFL trio to announce his LG

    Ruth Johnson has run for lieutenant governor before, is expected to reinforce Kelley's strong education credentials and help sway r ... More >>

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    January 18, 2006

    Buzzkill: State lawmakers target head shops

    Believe it or not, Minnesota does have a law against selling drug paraphernalia. Really. It's right there in Chapter 152 of the Minnesota State Statutes: "It is unlawful for any person knowingly or intentionally to deliver drug paraphernalia or knowingly or intentionally to possess or manufacture dr ... More >>

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    December 29, 2005

    Will playing up prejudice backfire on Pawlenty?

    You know it is getting close to election time for Governor Tim Pawlenty when he starts bashing immigrants.

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    December 2, 2005

    The Fake Surplus

    Here we go again. At least once or twice a year, the folks in the Pawlenty Administration call a press conference, use the economic forecast to paint an artificially rosy picture of the state budget, and spin themselves a windfall of positive publicity. The irony is, if the Governor and his crew str ... More >>

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    June 30, 2005

    Anti-Tax Talk Is Cheap. Education Isn't

    In a piece printed on Wednesday's op-ed page of the Star Tribune, Rep. Mark Buesgens (R-Jordan) fulminated with a forked tongue. The premise of Buesgens' diatribe was that it was indeed better to shut down state government than cave in to the budgetary priorities of "former governors and other burea ... More >>

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    June 10, 2005

    Pawlenty's ethics run into tree

    Pawlenty's ethics run into tree Governor Tim Pawlenty gave new meaning to the phrase "stumping for votes" early last month when his borrowed all-terrain vehicle hit a stump and plowed into a tree, causing $2500 worth of damage. That the incident occurred the spring convention of the All-Terrain Vehi ... More >>

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