Steve Miles

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    April 25, 2007
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    December 7, 2005

    The American Way of Torture

    Local physician and author Steve Miles examines the forensic record of U.S. abuses in Iraqi prisons

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    December 24, 2003

    Just the Facts?

    A national antiabortion movement infiltrates the state's health department

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    February 26, 2003

    Shots in the Dark

    Questioning childhood vaccinations: It's not just for paranoiacs anymore

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    March 22, 2000
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    September 1, 1999

    What's in a Domain?

    Local politicos find themselves tangled in the Web

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    March 11, 1998

    I'm Just a Bill...

    In the month left before sine die, Minnesota lawmakers must decide what to do about the stadium, the budget surplus, and that nagging turtle-trafficking issue.

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    May 28, 1997

    AIDS and Old Age

    Most of those involved are still struggling to grasp that older people not only get HIV, but get it the same way everyone else does.