Steve Epp

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    May 8, 2013

    Out of the Pan into the Fire

    At the Southern Theater

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    May 16, 2012

    The War Within/All's Fair takes on workplace absurdities

    Play's strength is of-the-moment jokes and observations

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    December 29, 2011

    The year in theater: a deeper look

    ​The last year was the kind that made me glad to be a theater critic in such a thriving community. So much so that the annual top 10 list barely scratched the surface of the high quality shows on display on Twin Cities stages during the last 12 months. So, for a slightly deeper look, here are the ... More >>

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    July 6, 2010

    The Southern Theater announces its 2010-11 season

    ​(Coming soon: Ananya Dance Theatre. Photo by V. Paul Virtucio)Now in its second century as an entertainment and performance space, the Southern Theater has released its full schedule for 2010 and 2011. According to the press release, this season will feature work by 27 choreographers and over ... More >>

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    May 19, 2010
  • Arts

    March 31, 2010

    Humana Festival is South By Southwest of theater world

    Twin Cities groups Workhaus, with Jeune Lune, makes big impression

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    December 7, 2005

    The Year in Theater

    The Greeks, the geeks, the freaks, the dualistic representations of the Argentine distaff underclass--all the best of Twin Cities drama circa 2005

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    November 23, 2005

    Mother Knows Best

    Nanci Olesen, 'Mombo,' and the parental underbelly

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    December 10, 2003

    The Year in Theater

    Last year my boss sent me to sit in a dark room for 150 nights. Here's what I took away from the ordeal.

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    April 28, 1999

    Here Comes the Sun

    Help! I'm trapped inside a giant ant! Are you wearing clothes underneath that kale? What's that baby doing in the birthday cake? Tales of myth and magic from Minneapolis's May Day parade.

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    December 24, 1997
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    November 19, 1997

    The Franco-American War

    It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Dealer (Robert Rosen, left) and Alligator Boy (Steven Epp) cavort with a puppet friend in a subterranean netherworld.

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    October 22, 1997

    Declaration of Independence

    Theatre de la Jeune Lune's The Pursuit of Happiness is a trip to the dark side of the moon.