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    November 12, 2012

    Stan Hubbard on call with Karl Rove: GOPers "weren't saying anything like, 'Hey, you dumb son of a bitch'"

    Politico reports that Karl Rove's American Crossroads super PAC spent $204 million this campaign cycle. Less than six percent of that spending went toward GOP candidates who ended up winning their races.SEE ALSO:-- Pawlenty's Wikipedia page on lockdown following Colbert Report segment [VIDEO]-- Unfa ... More >>

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    August 22, 2012

    Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" belief likely stems from University of Minnesota paper

    SEE ALSO:-- Bachmann, Kline, and Cravaak want to redefine rape because of abortion funding-- Donald Ingerson of Ely confesses rape thinking statute of limitations is up, gets arrestedRepublican U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin's troubling "legitimate rape" view may have its origins in an academic pap ... More >>

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    April 11, 2012

    Star Tribune, sportswriters sure love their "call to arms" cliché

    Star Tribune Twins beat reporter La Velle E. Neal III has a piece out this morning headlined, "Twins putting out a call to arms." Seems our hometown heroes face "the daunting task of rebuilding its starting pitching," through the draft or whatever machinations General Manager Terry Ryan can impleme ... More >>

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    July 28, 2010

    Michele Bachmann vs. "Joe The Plumber" smackdown

    ​Michele Bachmann recently crowned herself the queen of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress, with ready-for-Fox News sound bites about saving the U.S. from socialist hell. But according to a bunch of Missouri teabaggers, along with Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher, Bachmann's part of the problem.

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    May 25, 2007

    Strib shrinks as Grow goes

    Another big name is leaving the ranks of local journalism. For those keeping score, now it's longtime Strib metro columnist Doug Gr ... More >>

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    March 28, 2007

    The Boogeyman Drops the Gloves

    Derek Boogaard is one of the most feared enforcers in the NHL. You wanna go?

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    February 14, 2006

    Binge reporting: The local media gets drunk

    There's nothing like a new trend to get the m ... More >>

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    September 26, 2001

    Erector Set

    The Hollman redevelopment project is finally under way on Minneapolis's near north side. Now it's time to follow the money.

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    September 13, 2000
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    November 4, 1998

    Bad Blood

    This summer, Corky Maurer learned that he picked up hepatitis C in prison. And that's not the worst news.

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    October 7, 1998

    Medic Alert

    Apparently imprisonment isn't sufficient punishment--witness the state's new money-saving deal for inmate health care

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    June 25, 1997

    Cleaning House

    The Kerry-Wellstone Clean Money bill introduced last week is infinitely preferable to the better-known--and largely fraudulent--McCain-Feingold proposal. Which explains why we're hearing so little about it.